This is nothing to do with my Wintersmith stories., instead it relates to another challenge called “The single mon challenge” which can be found here:

Basically you design an adult female in CAS and the challenge is to get here to have ten children from ten different fathers before she becomes an elder.


This is my founder Claire Tilney.

As a lot of the points are based on children growing up well, I decided to focus on this and have my Mum unemployed. 

But she still needs money and to meet the men who will father her children. So I got Claire to set up a home business, where people pay to come ans spend time in her house. I invested my money in amenties, like a pool table, poker, music and toilets. (You are allowed to use the motherlode cheat once as part of the rules)


I decided to take Claire to the community lots to find men, as on community lots aging is frozen. Time is an important factor, when Claire needs to produce ten children in her adult lifetime.

Here she met Malcolm Landgraab IV and asked him out on a date. Things went well, but he seemed in no hurry to move their relationship further.


They ended having a great date. After a visit home for a sleep, Claire went back on the prowl and met with David Parker.


I wasn’t keen on the outfit myself, but Claire really seem to like him and they got on very well. As she was attracted to him, their relationship blossomed quickly and David seem to be just as keen on her. Before the end of the date she was able to get very friendly with him.


They had a dream date and the next day she invited him over to her place.


After some serious cuddling to raise the relationship level high enough, Claire fell pregnant.

After a rest she was back on the prowl for another man. Here is met Manuel Rossi.


They had a dream date, so good that Manuel brought her over a fountain as a present.


Then I should have stopped, but after a rest I made the silly mistake of sending her off out again to meet more men before her baby bump appeared.

At the 50’s diner she found Ash Rusewicz who thought red hair was very sexy and asked him on a date.


I manage to miss that Manuel had just walked in as she flirted with Ash. Manuel was very mad with her and Ash wasn’t too impressed either.


Her date went badly and ended with Ash poking her, which seemed a bit mean and it all got a bit much for her as she burst into tears.


I sent Claire home at this point, she was almost asleep on her feet and starving.


I tried the coffee machine to keep her going, but other than filling her bladder it didnt seem to be affecting her energy.

She tried to eat but kept falling asleep on her plate, although it got her hunger bar a little higher. Then the coffee kicked in and she ran to the toilet, but for some reason ended up having a little accident on the floor in front of it.


After a good night sleep things were better and in the morning her baby bump appeared.


She seemed to spend a lot of the pregnancy struggling with being both too tired and too hungry and didnt get much time to socialise. Although she did manage to continue her romance with Malcolm landgrabb as the end of her pregnancy approached.


And  Malcolm was there when she went  into labour.


and gave birth to a son, who has his daddies hair and eye colour.


After putting James to bed, Claire got cosy with Malcolm and he he became Dad number 2.



I feel a little sorry for Claire. She wants to get married, At this point she had no aspirations for having kids even though she is a family sim.

Still she looks after James.


It is getting tough now to have time to meet people. Being pregnant all the time and having a baby is a handfull.

Her business provides her with lots of potential men, but I am pursuing the ones who are attracted to her, it makes things much easier.

After a talking to a few men who weren’t at all interested, she found Christian Lind.


Then the time came for James birthday and although I invited David Parker his Dad, he didnt show up. So I rang him again and he turned up with the maid! He obviosuly hasn’t  been missing Claire to much. He was there when Claire blew the candles out.


I got James to ask his Dad for attention after that and then David of his own accord picked up his son to toss him in the air, which was cute. Here he is James Tilne,y the toddler. He has some of his mums strong features, even if he has his dads eye and hair colour.


David seemed quite sweet on his son.


Claire however was not coping well, being pregnant and having a toddler was to much. Poor James was sitting in his cot bored, whilst Claire was too tired to come and get him out.


So Claire hired a nanny, which did help keep him well fed and looked after.


Soon enough it was time for baby number two to be born.


and this time it was a little girl.


Claire had some time out from being pregnant to get her needs up again and to teach James to walk and to use the potty.

Soon enough however, she managed to convince Manuel to become father number three.


James learnt to talk as well before his birthday.


James Grew up well with his aspiration in platinum.


Although, something odd happened when he became a child.


Happily they didnt stay like that.

Here is James and his Dad posing for a photo.


With no toddler anymore, Claire has time to meet people and chats up Ocean.


Business is booming, its now a level 8. As money is no issue, Claire has a Nanny almost constantly in attendance.


Here is Claire and baby Ann on one of Claires rare moments of holding her, mostly the nanny look after her.




Soon it was time for Ann’s birthday.


Here is Ann the toddler, with her daddy.


After holding her for a bit, he tucked her up in bed.


James spends a lot of his freetime watching the cooking channel on TV, so that he can maximise the skill and learn to make cheesecake. (I need those twins!) Here he is learning and spending time with his Dad.


James continues to do well at school and it isnt long before he comes home with an A*, but Claire is too busy lining up father number four.


Poor James gets very upset watching his Mum flirt with men.


She is spending as much time as she can on Ocean and he is there when she goes into labour for the third time.


We welcome Cho into the world.


After tucking her in, Claire makes Ocean Baena dad number four.


With Ann’s birthday approaching, Claire with the help of smart milk manages to teach Ann, all three toddler skills.


Ann grows up into a happy child, I have decided she will paint pictures for the house. So we can have family portraits.

Here is Ann, hard at work on her homework, whilst her first masterpiece sits behind her. Its a portrait of her brother.


With Claire’s business now at level 10  and the money rolling in I decided to give Ann her own room.


Claire now sets her sights on someone new, Brandon Midlock.


Soon its Cho’s birthday and she grows up into a pretty toddler.