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Anne clutched her stomach trying to breathe through the pain.

Anne second labour

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Anne sat in the bath trying to relax, but aware that she was listening intently in case she heard the letterbox. The paternity test results were due any day now and for the last few days she had been anxious all morning until the postman had been.

Anne in the bath

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Anne held Cecily Wintersmith, enjoying the little warm body close to hers.

Anne holds Cecily close


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“Here we are,” said Harry cheerfully “Our new home, you go and put your feet up and I will oversee the moving.”  


Anne and Harrys new home


He watched Anne walk round the house and thought back over the past few months.

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“Are you alright Anne?” asked Vyn. Anne looked up to see her Mum’s concerned expression and replied, “I’m fine.” Vyn sat down next to her daugther and continued, “You never were a good liar when you were a little girl and you haven’t improved with age. Come on; tell your old Mum what’s wrong. Is it morning sickness?”


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Anne drifted back inside the house without answering, she scanned the front room and listened but heard no noise, Vyn must be out.

Timothy came up behind her and asked impatiently “Well?” 


Anne flopped onto the sofa before replying “I don’t know, I just don’t know” her voice began to break and tears streamed down her face.

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Harry rushed into the house, he was late again. He had forgotten his wallet and had come back to grab it before being whisked off to his latest gig.


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“Anne? Anne? Are you home?” called Harry as he walked through the door. harry-walking-through-door

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Anne looked admiringly at the beach house. “This is yours? It’s lovely, do I get the grand tour?”


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With his business completed, Timothy sat on the beach staring out at the waves, feeling lonely.


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