Anne sat in the bath trying to relax, but aware that she was listening intently in case she heard the letterbox. The paternity test results were due any day now and for the last few days she had been anxious all morning until the postman had been.

Anne in the bath

The only sound she heard was that of her husband’s footsteps as he came upstairs. He entered the bathroom and seeing her said, “Are you still in here? You better get a move on, our guests will be arriving soon.”


Harry talks to Anne in bath


Anne looked up questioningly, “Guests?”

“Yes,” said Harry smiling back. “I saw Lucy yesterday and invited her and Timothy round for a BBQ.”

“Oh,” said Anne, unsure of how to reply and then continued, “Are all our nieces and nephews coming too?”
“No, just grown ups, the children are being left with their nanny.”

Harry left her to get dressed and she did so quickly, wondering how awkward today would be. She had hardly chatted to Lucy since she had found out she was pregnant. She just felt so uncomfortable around her. She was supposed to be Lucy’s friend and yet she had slept with her husband and worse than that Cecily might be his daugther.


An hour later Harry ushered in his guests, Anne was working away at the BBQ and used this as an excuse not to greet them. Her heart hammered as she heard their voices coming through the house and she stared intently at her steaks. Harry got them drinks and brought down Cecily to be admired. He beamed with pride as he showed her off to his brother and sister-in-law.


Lucy greets Cecily


Lucy played with Cecily whilst Timothy looked uncomfortable. Once Lucy and Harry were deep in conversation about Cecily, Timothy sidled over to speak with Anne.

“Still no news?” he asked quietly.

Anne shook her head, not looking at him. There seemed to be nothing else to say and Timothy drifted off to look round the garden deep in thought, wondering how long this torture would last before they would find out one way or the other.


Anne at the BBQ


Anne focused on her BBQ until she realised Harry was addressing her and she turned round to see him striding towards her, a letter in hand. She didn’t trust herself to say anything so she waited impatiently for him to speak.

“There’s a letter from the hospital here addressed to you, I thought Cecily had had all the tests she needed?”

Anne took the letter off him muttering, “Oh it’s probably something they forgot to send us to ages ago. I need to nip to the toilet. Can you look after the BBQ for me?”

She turned round not waiting for his answer and walked swiftly inside. Once she was out of sight she ran upstairs, her heart racing and her mind in confusion.  

Anne runs up stairs


It was here at last. She stared down at the letter hesistating, almost afraid to find out who the father was. But a moment later she remembered the stress of not knowing, surely it would be better to have an answer either way?


She tore open the letter and scanned down the page trying to take in what she read. A small cry escaped her, it couldn’t be, surely it couldn’t be, but it was. The test revealed Timothy as Cecily’s father. Her head reeled and for a minute she thought she might faint. She had always told herself it was Harry’s and done her best to believe this was the case and now here it was in black and white.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and she hastily pushed the letter into the back of one of her drawers.


Harry finds anne in bedroom


Harry came in and at the sight of her, he looked concerned. “Anne are you okay?” Anne tried to smile and said “I felt really dizzy all of a sudden so I came and sat down, perhaps I am just hungry?”

Harry’s eyes fell on the crumpled envelope on the floor and he asked “What did the hospital want?”
Anne without looking at him replied “Nothing, just wanted us to complete a survey on our experience with the hospital, I will do it later.”

“Oh okay,” he said and continued, “How about you come down? Food is almost ready. ”

“Sure,” said Anne not really knowing what she was saying, but knowing that she had to let Timothy know somehow.

Harry helped her down the stairs and sat her on the patio table explaining, “Anne’s had a funny turn, so she is going to sit quietly there whilst we get the food ready.” Lucy offered her assistance and handed Cecily to Timothy.


He turned to look at Anne, Cecily in his arms and Anne’s pale white face gave him the truth.

He looked at her imploringly, hoping against hope now that he was wrong and saw her nod slowly at him and look at Cecily. His eyes left Anne and he looked down into the face of his daughter.


Timothy's daugther

That one stupid night was going to change their lives forever, but what would they do now? Tell their unsuspecting spouses or continue to live a lie and hope that the truth would never come to light?