Anne held Cecily Wintersmith, enjoying the little warm body close to hers.

Anne holds Cecily close


Every time she stared into little Cecily’s eyes it felt right.


Cecily Wintersmith baby


Anne had been relieved that Cecily didn’t have the Wintersmith eyes. She would have felt them staring up at her reproachfully. Yet as it was she was still often broken out of her happy reverie to the rememberance of the mess she was in, she still didn’t know whether Harry or Timothy was Cecily’s father. She let out a big sigh, with Harry out at an interview, today was to be the day they would take the paternity test. At last she would know, if only it could be the answer she wanted, she would be able to put the past behind her.


Anne puts Cecily in her cot


Hearing the doorbell she put Cecily back in her cot and slipped downstairs to answer the door. It was Timothy,

“Are you ready?” he asked simply.

“I just need to grab a few things, how about you get Cecily into her car seat.”

Timothy walked up the stairs and into the nursery. It was a pretty room, he hadn’t seen it till now. The guilt he felt had kept him at a distance, though he had heard Harry talk of it proudly. Cecily was awake and looking up at him when he walked in, he picked her up and found himself scrutinising her closely to see who she resembled most, but she was too young to show any striking features.


Timothy tries to trace a likeness


Holding her he wondered if this was his new little baby daughter and then felt angry at himself. He shouldn’t think such things, Harry was her father, that was what today would prove. It was what both Anne and he needed it to prove. Then they could forget about that night and move on.


Taking Cecily downstairs he placed her in her the car seat and stood waiting for Anne, mulling over again that bad decision that had led to all this heartache and uncertainty.  Looking up he saw Anne, it was time to go.


Two hours later they arrived home and Timothy helped Anne and Cecily indoors. “I can’t believe we have to wait a week to find out,” he said. Anne didn’t reply. He had been repeating the same thing over and over all the way home.


Timothy stares out at Annes garden


He followed her indoors and as Anne put Cecily to bed, Timothy stared out at the garden lost in thought. When she came downstairs he said “Let’s talk, we might not have another chance,” then launching straight in he asked, “What are we going to do if it isn’t Harry’s, have you thought about that?”

Anne sighed heavily and sank into a chair replying “I have been trying not to think about it.”

“Seriously though Anne we need to decide now, it’s not like I can just pop over for a private chat anytime.”


Anne considers Timothy

Anne considered him and Timothy went on “Would you tell him it is was mine?”

“What else could I do, pretend that he is the father and hope he never finds out the truth?”

“He would be the father, what’s genetics? It would be Harry that would be bringing Cecily up.”

“It’s not the same, it would be a lie.”

“I know,” replied Timothy quietly, “But what’s the other option, we tell Harry and Lucy and hope they understand? Why would they believe it was just one night rather than we had been having an affair all along, with our history you couldn’t blame them for not believing us. That would be both our marriages ruined. “

Anne considered, “I just don’t know what to do. I need time to think.”

Timothy replied, “Well we have a week.”

“I know,” replied Anne, “I just don’t know whether I can go through life living a lie like that, it’s been so hard over the past year, seeing Harry so excited and not knowing if the baby is his.”

Can i live a lie

Timothy watched her for a minute and then sighing replied,

“I better be getting back, hopefully this is all just hypothetical and we shall soon find out we have been worrying for nothing. Let me know as soon as you know okay?”

“Sure.” said Anne and watched Timothy leave.


Anne watches sleeping Cecily 

She went to check on sleeping Cecily and wondered what the future held for her and her little girl. She had done the test and all she could do now was wait, in a week she would know one way or the other.