“Here we are,” said Harry cheerfully “Our new home, you go and put your feet up and I will oversee the moving.”  


Anne and Harrys new home


He watched Anne walk round the house and thought back over the past few months.

He was very worried about Anne, she had seemed understandably very upset that her Mum had died and had withdrawn inside herself. She had been given time off her work, but this seemed to make her worse. She sat at home dwelling on the past.  So he decided that they should move. Living in the house where her Mum had died couldn’t be helping, besides they could afford to upgrade.



Things were going well for him now, his band had two top ten hits and the money was rolling in. He had looked round for a suitable place and having found this house had taken her round it. She had seemed to revive in a new place and he had made an offer straight away. He hoped that the new place would start a new phase of their life and she would not be constantly dwelling on the past, but looking forward to the birth of their child.


Harry did his best over the next few weeks to get more interested in her surroundings. He bought another cat; Olive.



She was as different from the thin white Puddles as she could be.




Olive was a stout brown dappled cat. Anne seemed to take to her well. She more friendly than Puddles and liked to follow them round, even trying to get titbits from the table at meal times.




Harry found their new spacious home had its advantages. Whilst on an album photo shoot he had had been pretending to be a mechanic fixing up an old car. It had piqued his interest and the new house had a little garage attached.




He felt like he needed a hobby away from his music and enjoyed tinkering around on his car in his garage. Although not always very successfully.



With the big day approaching Harry had worked on the baby’s room and was quite proud of the result. 



Staring at his handiwork and the little cot that they had bought, Harry couldn’t help feel excited that he would very soon be a father.