Anne drifted back inside the house without answering, she scanned the front room and listened but heard no noise, Vyn must be out.

Timothy came up behind her and asked impatiently “Well?” 


Anne flopped onto the sofa before replying “I don’t know, I just don’t know” her voice began to break and tears streamed down her face.

Timothy sat on the sofa next to her trying to collect his thoughts.


“When did you find out you were pregnant?” he asked.

“About five minutes ago, Harry found me with the tester. I just don’t know what to do. What if it’s yours? I thought we could put that stupid night behind us, but it’s coming back to haunt us.”


Timothy replied “Well let’s not panic, it could be Harry’s.”

“But what if it isn’t?” wailed Anne, “Maybe I should come clean and tell him everything, maybe he will understand?”

“You think?” asked Timothy drily, then continuing in a kinder tone he said, “I’m so sorry. It was me that started it, you were being such a good friend and after all I was going through I just reached out to you.”

“But I didn’t stop it did I?” replied Anne, “No I just let it happen, it was good to be wanted, Harry’s been so busy lately.”

They sat for a few minutes staring into space, both wishing that they had made different choices that night.

“Anne?” asked Timothy suddenly uneasy, “You aren’t still in love with me are you? You do know it was a mistake?”

Anne smiled thinly, “No, I love Harry, it was just a stupid, stupid mistake.”

Another silence followed before Timothy continued,  “You know if Lucy were to try and leave me I don’t know how safe she would be. The people I work for are not nice people and they have secrets they would kill to keep.” he said seriously.

“But she doesn’t know anything about them,” replied Anne.


“But Antonio doesn’t know that and he would want to be sure. She can’t know, Anne, she just can’t. If anything were to happen to her….” he let the sentence tail off, his face looking anguished.

Anne made a decision.

“I guess we just keep it to ourselves then, once the baby is born we can do a test and see who the father is.”

Timothy’s face showed relief and smiling gratefully at Anne he said, “Thanks. I think this is the right decision.” With this decided he left soon afterwards.


Anne watched him go, glad to be alone to try and think it all through. Her life felt like it was tumbling down around her. Now she had to live lying to her husband to stand a chance of keeping their happy life together. She already felt tired after trying to deal with his enthusiasm at the baby, how would she cope with the next nine months of his joy, knowing that the child might not even be his? Anne sighed heavily, she had made her bed as the saying went and now she had to lie in it.