Harry rushed into the house, he was late again. He had forgotten his wallet and had come back to grab it before being whisked off to his latest gig.


He loved performing and slowly his band were becoming known and gathering a fan base. 

Despite his assurances to Anne however,  he was still very busy, but he felt that it would calm down soon and they would be able to spend proper time together again.


He dashed up the stairs and grabbed his wallet from the bedside table and found Anne sitting on the bed holding something. A second glance showed him that she seemed to be staring into the distance, oblivious to his presence.



He came up to her and asked, “Anne honey, are you okay?”

Anne looked up with an anxious face and said, “Umm, I don’t know.”

“What’s that you have in your hand?” asked Harry and leaning closer to see he suddenly exclaimed, “Anne, is that what I think it is! Are we? I mean are you?”




Anne nodded slowly and Harry picked her up, hugging her tight.

Letting her go, he saw her worried expression and after a moment’s reflection he said, “I know we weren’t planning to have kids yet and you are still finding you feet as a chef, but you did want kids at some point right?” Harry watched her, wondering how it had happened that they have never talked through such an important subject.

Anne nodded slowly and replied “It’s all such a shock that’s all.”

Harry hugged her again beaming, he was so excited at the thought of becoming a father. “I wish I could stay longer but I should be going, I only popped back to get my wallet.”


As he went downstairs, Anne not knowing what to do with herself, found herself following in his wake. Halfway down the stairs she heard him greet someone. Before she had time to wonder who he was talking to she heard Timothy reply, “Hello, I came to see how you were, I haven’t seen much of you lately.”

Anne moved down the stairs until she could see them both clearly, her heart hammering in her chest and heard Harry reply,

“Well I am just off now sadly, but before I go I have something to tell you, I am sure Anne won’t mind you knowing as you are family, Anne’s pregnant!”



Anne saw Timothy looked shocked and then collect himself and offer his congratulations to his brother. Harry didn’t seem to notice anything amiss and shook the proffered hand in his and saying one last goodbye rushed off to the waiting car.


Anne drifted out the door and she and Timothy stood side by side on the doorstep waving goodbye to Harry. As soon as Harry was out of sight, the smile left Timothy’s face and he turned to Anne and asked urgently, “Anne, is it mine?”