“Anne? Anne? Are you home?” called Harry as he walked through the door. harry-walking-through-door

Not hearing a response he went upstairs to change for his evening job. As he finished dressing he heard movement in the bathroom and the door opening.


Harry walked out to meet Anne, grinning away. He kissed her and said, “I am glad you are here, welcome back. I have some really exciting news to tell you.”


Anne looked expectantly at him and he continued,

“We have a record deal! At the gig we did there was an agent watching in the crowd and we’ve been signed. It’s happening at last, how cool is that?”

Anne smiled weakly in return and Harry continued.


“Look I know you were upset I couldn’t come with you, but this is precisely the reason I didn’t. I knew the chances were that this would turn out to be an important gig. I will make it up to you. This is a really good thing for us, because now I can quit my job and just focus on the music. We will get to spend more time together from now on. I am going to hand my notice in today.”


Anne smiled in response and said, “Well done. I’m not upset, just tired from the travelling.”

Harry beamed back at Anne, “Well I’d best be going, although I hate saying goodbye when I have only just seen you again after three days.” He pulled her close and kissed her again before grabbing his coat and rushing out of the house.

Anne went and sat at the dining table staring blankly ahead. It was as Harry said it would be, he was making a name for himself. Now they would see more of each other, she should be happy. She would have been so happy if…The remembrance of the holiday came back to her mind and she tried to push it away. What had happened there was a mistake and she had to try to forget it, no good would come of talking about it. She and Timothy had agreed it had all been a mistake and finally she knew for sure it was Harry she loved. Timothy had been like a fantasy, she had built her dreams round him and yet she was much more suited to Harry and she knew this now.


She loved Harry very dearly and she would not jeopardise it by telling him of what happened whilst she has been away. Her conscience pricked at her uncomfortably, but she did her best to silence it reasoning that bringing it all up would only cause Harry and her pain and it wasn’t like she had been having an affair. No it was just a mistake and would best be forgotten by all parties as she and Timothy had agreed.