Anne looked admiringly at the beach house. “This is yours? It’s lovely, do I get the grand tour?”


Timothy showed her round the little place. It was small but comfortable and they had their own little bit of beach. Anne stood in the front room staring out at the waves, she felt relieved to be out of the hotel and to be somewhere so comfortable.




Timothy and Anne found they had a lot of fun together, it was almost like being young again and Timothy was able to put aside his troubles and really enjoy himself.


They spent their days swimming and having fun. Neither really felt in the mood for sight-seeing, instead they relived their youth together and became the best of friends again.




On the last night Anne cooked them a sumptuous meal and they sat down together with their usual friendly banter. Afterwards they sat on the sofa drinking tea and talking over all that had been happening to them since they left University. When Anne asked Timothy about his work he suddenly went quiet and when she looked closely at him she was surprised to see a tear running down his cheek.

“Timothy, what’s wrong?”

Timothy looked at her, his face full of despair as he replied earnestly, “I have been such an idiot Anne and I haven’t been able to tell anyone, not even Lucy. If I tell you, you have to promise to keep my secret.”




Anne nodded her face full of concern and replied, “Of course.”

Timothy sighed deeply and continued, “ I thought Antonio was the answer to my dreams, his family owns many businesses and they were happy to have my ideas on how to run them and even put me in charge of a few. It was little things at first I didn’t notice, but when my shop was searched for stolen goods I started to wonder and putting two and two together I realised that they are criminals, oh Anne what have I got myself into? And now I am stuck, when I realised what kind of people they were I told them I wanted out, but it was too late. They told me that funny accidents can happen and that they wouldn’t want to see Lucy hurt, but they couldn’t guarantee her safely unless I was under their protection.”

An exclamation of surprise escaped Anne involuntarily.




Timothy continued “Now here I am a criminal myself, I won’t tell you what I was here to do. It disgusts me, but I have no choice. I can’t tell Lucy because she is so much safer not knowing. Oh Anne I am so glad I could tell you it’s been so hard carrying this around.”

He started to cry and Anne instinctively reached out to hold him. She cradled him in her arms whispering soothing words until he stopped crying. Then he reached up and touched her face and said, “I am so glad you’re my friend, I am not sure what I would do without you.”

He stared into her eyes and without planning it; in the aftermath of all his gratefulness to Anne he leaned forward and kissed her.