With his business completed, Timothy sat on the beach staring out at the waves, feeling lonely.


Here he was on a beautiful island and the woman he wanted to share it with wasn’t here. He should have realised that only two days notice would not be appreciated. They weren’t a care-free young couple anymore; they had kids take care of.


Whilst he was pondering his own insensitivity, a familiar voice said, “Timothy, is that you?”

He looked up and there was Anne smiling down on him. She continued, “It is you, what are you doing here?”

He smiled back at her and said, “I could ask you the same question, I was here on business and now I have a few days holiday before I fly home.”




“Oh,” replied Anne, “I won a competition; a weekend away for two to an island paradise.”

“Cool, where’s Harry?”




At this Anne’s face fell. “He’s at a gig, very important supposedly. So I came by myself. How about you? Why didn’t you treat your family to a holiday and mix business with pleasure?”

Timothy grimaced and replied, “I tried to suggest it but…”




Anne finished the sentence for him, “You blundered in and made a mess of it?”

“Something like that,” said Timothy smiling back.


It was nice to see a friendly face. Since Harry and Anne had become a couple, the awkwardness between Anne and him had vanished. They hadn’t returned to the level of intimacy they had before, but they felt comfortable again in each other’s company.




They stood for a few minutes staring out at the sea, listening to the sound of the surf as it made its way up the beach.

Timothy, after some reflection asked, “Where are you staying?”

Anne grimaced, “In an awful hotel called Seashore.”

Timothy replied, “Well then why not stay with me? We bought a beach house here, two bedrooms, no sense in you staying in that dump.”




Anne’s eyes lit up, “Are you really sure?” she asked.

“Yes,” replied Timothy smiling, suddenly three days on the island wasn’t looking so dull.