Time passed quickly for Timothy and Lucy with two babies and before they knew it, Amy and Abigail were toddling around and Lucy found herself pregnant for the second time.



This made caring for her little girls even more challenging. She gave up work and decided to become a full time Mum, but still she felt tired all the time, in the end they employed a nanny to help out.


Lucy’s ultrasound had revealed that she was carrying twins again and so the young couple guessed twins must run in Lucy’s family. Twins the first time round had been scary enough but now having to care for two sets of twins was terrifying. It soon came time for the babies to be born and this time Lucy had two little boys.




Byron had the same Wintersmith eyes with black hair, whilst Bailey gave them a little surprise. Bailey had his grandmother’s dark blue eyes.


Things now became even busier in the wintersmith household and Lucy felt like she had lost her life completely and spent her time rushing from one child to the next trying to keep them all happy, even with a nanny to help it was very hard work.



On one very trying day Timothy returned home to find her flaked out on the sofa, grabbing a few minutes rest before feeding the babies.




Timothy came in and sat next to Lucy asking innocently “What’s for dinner tonight?” She sighed in response and said “I have no idea; it’s been so busy today I haven’t had time to think about it, how about we grab some takeaway?”




Timothy replied “Sure, well I am glad you aren’t busy now, as I wanted to talk to you about something. Work has given me an assignment on Twikki island. Once I get the work done I can spend a few days there relaxing. As we have bought that little holiday home there I thought it would be a great time for us to try it out. Just you and me I thought, we could get someone to babysit whilst we are away.”


Lucy asked “When are you going?”




“But that’s two days away!” she exclaimed, her voice rising in anger as she continued “Are you mad? How could I find a babysitter on that short notice.? Do you have any idea how tired I am and how much pressure I have been under and you come up with this stupid idea, you’re unbelievable.” And with this she stomped upstairs, fuming at her husband’s insensitivity.


Timothy sat pondering, he hadn’t meant to upset her and he had truly thought a break would do her good. He decided he best let her calm down before he apologised. The next two days were so busy and as Lucy seemed still very annoyed, he didn’t allude to the subject again. Instead he left Friday morning hoping that when he came back from his business trip she would be less angry.