Harry decided after a few years it was time to change jobs. He still hadn’t managed to break into the music industry, but he felt he wanted a job which allowed him to use his love of music. He managed to get a job as a concert pianist.  


It was funny to be working as a pianist dressed in his suit and then come home and jam with the band, in his jeans. But at least now he felt as if he was doing what he loved whilst he made money.


He wasn’t the only one to get a new job. Anne finally decided to take a job as a waitress in a local restaurant. 



It wasn’t what she wanted to do and she hated the uniform, but after a year she was able to apply to be a prep cook.




This wasn’t the most thrilling either, but she was in the kitchen now and when things were quiet she was sometimes allowed to help put together some of the dishes. She started to understand how Harry felt when he played; she loved working with food. However now she worked shifts and she felt she was seeing even less of Harry than before.


Timothy and Lucy still came round at least once a month, Anne was surprised at just how childish the men became round each other. But it was nice that they got on so well, it reminded Anne of her and her brother, Matthew.  



Vyn enjoyed taking care of the pets, it was she that washed the dogs and walked them. They gave her company whilst Harry and Anne were working.




The old dogs; Soot and Sweep were too old to go chasing a young, sprightly Puddles. So the dogs and the little cat go on well, much to Anne’s relief. Even Harry and Anne were becoming attached to their pets.




So Vyn was very upset when after a year Soot had to be put down.




After that Sweep seemed to spend a lot of time just sleeping, Vyn felt that he missed his brother a lot and she did her best to make a fuss of him.


Soot’s death made Vyn realise how old she was getting and like Kendra wondered whether she would see grandchildren before she died. Anne and Harry were too busy with their careers to be thinking about children at the moment, although Anne enjoyed her role as auntie when she visited Lucy.


Things seemed to be changing fast and Anne and Harry were becoming busier, Vyn only hoped that they would not neglect their marriage whilst they pursued their careers.