So two weeks later, the two young married couples found themselves at the Hub. the-dinner-out

Lucy was enjoying being out from the house, but she couldn’t help her throughts straying back to her babies at home. Vyn had kindly volunteered to babysit and she knew they would be fine, but she found herself checking her phone in case Vyn had called her and had to stop herself texting and asking how everything was going.

Lucy caught Timothy’s eye running appraisingly over the interior. “Now stop that”, Lucy said “No work tonight, we aren’t here to check out the competition, but have a night off.”


Lucy and Anne did their best to steer the conversation to University and away from music or work and mostly they succeeded. For Anne it felt good to be out, to have Harry holding her hand and smiling at her.


Once dinner was over, they moved downstairs and the men found their wives dragging them onto the dance floor.


Lucy found she was having a great time, she hadn’t seen Timothy this happy in ages. Perhaps he had been working too hard, but he had seemed rather down recently. He had said it was nothing, but she had been starting to worry about him. Now though he looked like he hadn’t a care in the world as he span her round and pulled her close.

All of a sudden though he seemed to stiffen and she found he was leading her off the dance floor. “What’s wrong?” asked Lucy.

“Nothing, I just want a drink.”


They went to the bar and Lucy was studying the serious face of her husband, when she recognised Antonio coming towards them.

“Timothy, out on the town with your lovely wife?” Antonio asked. He took Lucy’s hand and kissed it. “Your husband my dear is a marvel, I am not sure what we would do without him.” Lucy smiled back at him, “Well I won’t interrupt you any longer, have a good night.”


With that Antonio walked off and rejoined a party in the VIP area. When the drinks arrived, Timothy downed his and suggested they go home.

“I was hoping for another dance,” said Lucy smiling at her husband, but he didn’t smile in return.

“I am not feeling so well, can we call it a night?”


“Sure.” Said Lucy looking at him in concern.

Once they said goodbye to Harry and Anne, they got a taxi home. Lucy tried to talk to Timothy but he seemed lost in his own thoughts and so she sat trying to figure out what had happened. Perhaps it was just a sudden sickness which would wear off with a good night’s sleep. It couldn’t have been the appearance of Antonio, that made no sense. Timothy had always spoken so highly of him.