Lucy stood in the nursery enjoying the peace and quiet; finally both Abigail and Amy were fast asleep. Watching their peaceful, sleeping forms she felt happy and tried again to take in the enormity that they were her children. It still seemed odd to her at times that she was a Mum and yet she was loving it.


The doorbell roused her from her reflections and she creeped downstairs to see who it could be. “Hello,” said Lucy surprised as she opened the door to find Anne.

“I finished early and thought I might pop past for a chat, is it a good time?”

“Excellent timing in fact,” replied Lucy “The girls have both just dropped off to sleep, come in and I will put the kettle on.”


They sat on the sofa for some time talking of this and that, but Lucy could see Anne had something on her mind. Finally Anne began, “You know I feel like I hardly see Harry anymore, he is either at work or practising his music. It’s like I don’t exist.”

“Ahh” said Lucy understandingly. “Yes they do get a little obsessive don’t they? I think of it as the Wintersmith curse myself.”

Anne looked round at Lucy, “The Wintersmith curse?”


“Yes,” said Lucy sighing. “The Wintersmith men are very driven and they strive towards their goal with such single-mindedness that it’s no wonder that Ernest was able to build up his empire as he did. But the single-mindedness is also a curse, it seems to blind them to all that’s around them.”

“I never thought of Harry in that way, he was always been so adamant that he hadn’t followed in his father’s footsteps, he has no love of business.”

“Well that’s  true I guess,” replied Lucy, “But he does have the same drive, in his case however,  his energies are focused towards his music.”

Anne sat pondering for some while and then asked, “So what’s the answer? What can I do to get through to him?”


Lucy thought for a minute and suggested “It’s a tough one, but how about we organise a night out for the four of us, dinner and dancing. Try and relive some of the old Uni days?”


“I like the sound of that,” Anne replied. An evening out, no band, no distractions. She brightened at the thought, all they had to do now was fix on a date.