Harry knew that music was his passion, but it wouldnt pay the bills. So he got himself a job as a flight officer. It was a prestigious position, but for Harry it was a stop gap until he managed to make it in the music industry.


So for now he worked hard by day as a flight officer and was a musician by night. He practiced with his band about three times a week and most weekends, much to Anne’s disappointment.


To begin with she had come to listen to their new songs with avid interest. But as time went on she felt almost envious watching the passion and energy Harry put into his work.





She had envisioned their new life and it had involved them spending a lot more time together. She felt some days that she hardly got to speak to him. So one evening when Vyn had gone to lie down with one of her headaches, she took her chance to talk to him about it.




“I thought perhaps we could curl up on the sofa and watch a film tonight, just the two of us, what do you say?” asked Anne, feeling she already knew the answer.

Harry without looking up replied “I can’t tonight, the girls are coming over and we are practicing our new song for the gig on Friday.”




Anne sighed and replied “I feel like I hardly see you Harry, you work such long hours and then when you aren’t working you are playing with Andrea and Brenda. I almost think they get to see you more than I do, your own wife.”


Harry looked up and took Anne’s hand across the table. “It’s only for a little while you know, I love my music and once I can make enough money then I will quit my job and we will have loads of time together. You do think I will be successful don’t you?”




Anne smiled weakly back “Of course I do, you are very talented.”

“Well then,” Harry replied “I best get upstairs and set up, are you gonna come watch?”

“No” sighed Anne and then began “Harry …” But Harry was already walking out the room.



Anne tried to believe Harry would soon be famous and she would see more of him, but as the months went by and things continued the same, she began to feel rather sad at how her married life was panning out.


After Kendra’s death Vyn had offered to take some of the dogs off Timothy and Lucy’s hands. She had grown quite attached to both Soot and Sweep in the time she had lived at the Wintersmith mansion. They were old dogs now and pined for their mistress. It took some convincing of Anne and Harry, but it gave Vyn more company during the day and gave her an excuse to get out the house walking, which could only be good for her.


The brothers did their best to stay in contact and Anne and Lucy got to know each other better, much to Anne’s delight.


It seemed Harry wasn’t the only one working away and Anne and Lucy would hang out together some evenings when Timothy was at one of the shops he now managed and Harry was practicing. Anne had kept to her resolution to get to know Lucy better and really enjoyed her company.


As Anne looked ahead, she could only hope that Harry’s confidence would soon be rewarded and that he would be able to give up his job and focus on his music and his wife.

Even with their busy schedules, the two families tried to have dinner together at least once a month.