Timothy greeted Antonio warmly, as they walked into Ye old tea shop.


It had been years since he had come to eat here. It reminded him too much of his Dad. But Antonio had wanted to see the place and Timothy couldn’t think of a valid reason as to why he couldn’t show him round. They sat down together and ordered a selection of things from the menu.



Antony still worked as the head chef and he managed the business now, Timothy trusted him to make all the important decisions and that trust had been well placed, the place was thriving.




They ordered their lunch and Antonio sat back and looked around. “Nice place” he commented. Timothy smiled back. The service was very quick and Timothy thought the food very tasty, but waited to hear what Antonio would say. Antonio said nothing about the food until he had finished his last mouthful. “That was impressive.” He stated simply and Timothy felt proud of the business his father had started. Antonio continued “especially the Spaghetti Bolognese, yes that was very good.” He let out a small sigh and continued “Shame, you will have to remove that from the menu.”


As Timothy looked confused, Antonio repeated “It will have to go, we have to look at the big picture now. We have a fancy Italian restaurant not far from here and this would be competition. You’re part of our family now and we do what’s good for the whole family. I am sure you understand, Timothy.” 


Timothy was unsure how to respond, it seemed laughable, but Antonio appeared to be quite serious. Timothy thought of all he owed to Antonio and his family and decided that a few changes to the menu weren’t too much to ask and so he agreed to make the necessary changes, wondering in his mind how Anthony would take to it. Antonio smiled widely and said “Good man.” Drawing a box out of his pocket he passed it over “This is for you, we are all very impressed with you, with how you have grown Wintersmith furniture discounts and you show real potential, we think you are a real asset to our family business.” Timothy opening the box found a gold watch. “Wow, thanks, this is very generous,” he replied

Antonio smiled and said “We look after our own and like I said, you are family now.”


Whilst Timothy and Antonio dined at the Ye old tea shop, Lucy was sitting at her desk typing up her latest story. On leaving University and having no particular job in mind she applied to a whole range of jobs she had seen in the paper.



In the end she had found herself the horoscope writer for the local paper. “Loopy Lu” they had nicknamed her. It was funny at first to make up new predictions every week, but after a while she felt she needed a new challenge. The sports writer job became available and she went for it. She quite surprised her employers with her in depth knowledge of sport and she was given the job. She relished the new challenge and it meant being out of the office more as well to visit local matches.


Timothy arrived home that evening to the smell of dinner pervading the house.


He went and kissed his wife and asked her how her day had been. “It’s been okay, busy” she replied.

“And you’re feeling better now? Was the doctor able to give you any advice when you went to see him?”

Lucy smiled and blushed as she replied “I am fine, it seems we overlooked the most obvious reason, I’m pregnant!” Timothy was surprised, but overjoyed and caught up Lucy in his arms and held her tight “That’s great news!” He exclaimed.




Lucy smiled in return “I am glad you think so, we hadn’t really talked about when we wanted kids, but I was so happy when I found out.”


Within a few months Lucy was starting to show and the young couple were redecorating the baby room in anticipation of their first child.