“Home sweet home” said Harry looking round at his new home and smiling at Anne. It felt good to be back.

Vyn greeted them, but she seemed different somehow, tired looking. She hugged him and said, very quietly “Your brother wanted to speak to you when you got back, perhaps you could give him a call?” Wondering very much what this could be about, Harry called his brother.



“Hello” said Harry cheerfully, but met only silence for a few seconds. “Hi” said Timothy in a sad voice, “It’s Mum, she passed away last night. I didn’t want to call you on your holiday, but I thought you should know as soon as you returned.” Harry stood still, his mind reeling. He remembered hugging his Mum goodbye at the wedding, before they drove to the airport. She had been fine then. But wait, no, she hadn’t been fine for a long time. He had tried to hide it from himself, but he had seen her health failing, he had just tried to push it aside, so he didn’t have to face the thought of losing her.

“Harry?” said Timothy at the other end of the line.

“I will be around as soon as I can,” he said and hung up.


After the funeral, Harry stood in the cold, looking down on his Mum’s gravestone. 



He heard the crunch of footsteps behind him, but didn’t turn round.




His brother put his arm round his shoulder and said “She was a great mum, wise and generous. Seems strange she is gone, it’s just you and me now.” Timothy paused unsure of how to go on, but drawing a deep breath continued “She told me how the Will was laid out; Dad left the house to me.”

“I know,” said Harry, “I’m not bothered” and turning to his brother to look at him continued “Really, I’m not. I have enough to live on and I don’t begrudge you this place, I hope you and Lucy will be very happy here.”




Timothy hugged his brother tight. Then glancing back to the entrance to the cemetery were Lucy and Anne were waiting he suggested “Well lets go give Mum a good send off.”