“What a pretty place,” remarked Anne as the taxi pulled up at their destination.


After checking in and being shown to their room, Harry climbed into bed and fell fast asleep.


Anne felt tired from the long flight, but her curiosity was greater than her tiredness. So she left Harry and went to look round the villas and enjoy the warm air.


It had been a busy time lately with all the plans for the wedding and she was glad it was finally over and that she could now just chill out. Anne still hadn’t found a job in the culinary sector, but had spent the two years since University temping in different jobs. She hadn’t minded too much, her focus had been on saving money so that she could marry Harry when he left University. With Kendra’s generosity in paying for the wedding and honeymoon, the money she saved could now be used to buy more furniture for their home. Anne had missed Harry very much when she had left University and was glad that their separation was now at an end. Now she would see him every evening and spend every weekend enjoying his company.


Anne had wondered how Harry would feel moving in with his mother-in-law, but he didn’t seem to mind. Anne thought back to when Matthew had died and how Harry had visited her mum once a week whilst Anne was at University to keep her from getting too lonely.



Anne knew that her mum had always remembered that and thought very highly of him. Yawning she decided it was time to follow her husband’s example and walking back to their villa, joined him in bed.


The next morning they decided to order room service to their room, after their long flight they didn’t feel like doing very much on their first day.




Not far from their villas was a Chinese lady who sat serving tea. Harry and Anne joined her, feeling the worries of the past week leaving them and savouring the flavour of their tea. It felt good to just sit still and enjoy the atmosphere.




The second day of their honeymoon they felt ready to explore their surroundings and talked to their tour guide. A walk through the bamboo forest sounded delightful and they signed up to go that afternoon. However when they reached their destination the forest was closed to tourists. Ted, a fellow tourist was so angry he picked up a large rock and threw it at one of the bamboo trees. Unfortunately there was a bee’s nest attached to it and the place swarmed with angry bees.




One of the delights of the holiday was meeting so many different people. Some were fellow tourists from all over the world and others were natives. Anne seemed to get on very well with a man dressed as a ninja. When Harry asked her what they talked about Anne only answered smiling “He was teaching me to teleport.”




As Harry could see Anne wasn’t going to give him the straight answer, he gave up asking. The days past in wandering around local gardens and visiting local markets and all too soon it was time to return home.



Neither Harry or Anne were too sad, fun though their holiday had been, they wanted to return and begin their married life in their little house.