Harry stared into space, the sounds of the party downstairs fading, as he became lost in thought. He knew his life was about to change.

He had spent the last four years at Univerity and now he was moving back to Riverblossom. It was sad in some ways to say goodbye to all his University friends, but he also felt excited at starting his life with Anne. His mind ran over all the friends he had made over the last four years and he wondered which if them he would stay in contact with.


He found his thoughts turning to Matthew, who had been his best friend through his teenage years. He had known Matthew since he was a boy, but Matthew had died in a motorbike accident just before his eighteenth birthday, otherwise they would be graduating together.  He wondered how Matthew would have felt to have his best friend dating his sister.



Harry dragged his mind back to the present, his friends and family had come to congratulate him on getting his degree, there would be time for reflection later. He found most of the crowd in the living room. Opening the champagne bottle his mum had kindly provided, he decided he wanted to say a few words whilst he had everyone’s attention.  



Holding his glass Harry looked towards his mum saying, “I want to thank my Mum, she has been an amazing support to me. I think Timothy would say the same. It was hard when Dad died, but Mum kept encouraging us and I couldn’t have done this without you,” raising his glass he said “To Kendra” and everyone repeated the toast.


“That was very sweet of you to say,” said Kendra coming into the kitchen behind Harry, half an hour later. “You and Timothy have made me very proud and I am sure your father would have been ever so proud too.” Harry smiled back at his mum.




“I have a present for you,” she said passing over an envelope. Harry took it and opening it found a cheque with a few more zeros than he had been expecting. Kendra smiled at his surprise and said “I have been thinking you and Anne might like to get married soon and I know it’s traditional for the bride’s family to pay, but we both know Vyn has a very small pension. I thought also you might like a honeymoon. I did as much for Timothy and you and Anne seem very happy together.” Harry threw his arms round his mum and hugged her tight. “Thank you, you’re so great. Anne is gonna be blown away.”



And so a few months later Harry could hardly believe it, but he was sitting in the church waiting for Anne to arrive.  He had asked Timothy to be his best man. Now it was Timothy’s turn to make fun of Harry. Harry found his own encouraging words from Timothy’s wedding being repeated back to him with great relish and tried to smile. Harry and Anne had decided to go with a medieval theme for their wedding. They felt they wanted to do something a bit different.


 He didn’t have to endure Timothy’s humour for too long. Anne was on time and standing up, Harry saw the most beautiful woman in the world walking towards him.


 Harry couldn’t stop smiling through the whole service as they said their vows and exchanged rings.










If felt like a dream, he couldn’t believe Anne was finally his wife. He watched the newest Mrs Wintersmith cutting their wedding cake, with a joy in his heart. Tomorrow they would be on a plane flying away to the Far East for their honeymoon, he and his new wife, Anne Wintersmith.