Harry woke up smiling, today was the day. He had been planning it for months.harry-wakes-up-smiling

Rubbing his eyes he opened his curtains and glimpsed a sunny spring day. No wait… rubbing them again, the dream disappeared. It wasn’t sunny, it was raining hard. Dark clouds filled his sight whichever way he looked. This wasn’t right, they had said it was going to be warm and sunny this weekend. What was he going to do now?

He dressed and showered, running over alternative plans in his head. An hour later, Anne arrived. Harry welcomed her by hugging her tight; he felt like he hardly saw her now she had moved back to Riverblossom.


Anne didn’t feel right in abandoning her mother every weekend to come and visit Harry and Harry had a lot of studying to do. Drinking in the sight of her, he commented “I like the haircut, it suits you.” Anne smiled back at him replying in a husky voice “It felt like time for a change.”  


“You okay?” asked Harry.

“Not really, I have this horrible cold, I am not sure what you have planned to do this weekend, but I hope it involves staying in the warm and drinking lots of hot tea. I got so wet on the way over here.”

Harry’s smile faded and he replied, “I was hoping to have a picnic, although the weather seems against us, but perhaps it will clear up later.”

Anne shivered at the thought “Can’t we just stay in?”

“Of course, if you want,” replied Harry trying to repress a sigh. Cheering up, he suggested, “How about I cook us a special meal and we can get a DVD?” and he led Anne in front of the fire and set alight the logs to help her dry off.


 Anne smiled her consent and Harry went to rifle through his cookbooks to produce something special.


Once dinner was in the oven they sat down to watch ‘Die again’, curled up together on the sofa. It was an exciting action movie and they became engrossed until Anne commented “What’s that odd smell?”


Harry went to investigate and opening the oven was enveloped in a cloud of smoke. His special meal was now a black charred mess. He remembered Matthew, his housemate, saying something about the cooker burning meals. Anne had come in behind him and commented “Well, when it’s black it’s done I guess.” But she stopped smiling when she saw his downcast expression and continued, “Look it doesn’t matter, we will just order pizza that’s all.”

Harry sat at the counter, feeling defeated whilst Anne went and rang for a pizza. As they ate, Anne kept glancing at Harry out of the corner of her eye.


Once she was finished she turned to him and said “Out with it, it can’t just be a burnt dinner that’s made you feel this sad.”

Harry responded “I just wanted it to be special, that’s all.”


“What do you mean? What’s so special about today?”

Harry replied “Look, it doesn’t matter alright, I will try and cheer up.”

But Anne wasn’t satisfied and Harry could see it. “Alright then. I wanted to ask you an important question, but my perfect day has gone horribly wrong,” he pulled out a little box as he spoke and suddenly Anne understood. “Wow, erm, well it doesn’t have to be perfect you know, life isn’t perfect.” Harry looked up into her eyes and made a decision.

Smiling, he bent down on one knee and taking out his ring, he asked, “Anne, will you marry me?”






Anne had to stop and wipe her runny nose but when she was done he saw her eyes were filling with tears as she replied “Yes!”