The newlyweds stepped out of the airport enjoying the warmth on their faces. It was bliss to leave winter behind in Riverblossom Valley and feel summer again. Hailing a taxi they made their way to their hotel. Timothy couldn’t stop his exclamation of surprise when he saw where they were going to stay.


Kendra had chosen a small hotel on the beach, and they could hear the waves lapping against the shore. As they collected their bags and made their way inside, Lucy whispered “I hope we get a room at the back so we can see the sea, this place looks amazing.”. Her wishes were more than answered, their room was not only overlooking the sea but had a little balcony with a table and chairs where they could sit and look out.


Lucy began to unpack their things, feeling all the wedding stress leaving her body when Timothy said, “Look let’s leave the unpacking until later, it’s such a glorious day, let’s get onto the beach.” They lay on the beach in the sun, feeling the warmth relaxing their muscles and enjoying the sound of the waves and the occasional cry of the gulls. honeymooners-sunbathe

The next morning they sat on their balcony to plan their day.


The local tour guide, Tony had told them about a few of the different excursions and they decided to go on a glass bottomed boat, so they could look at the sea life.


It was lovely sitting on the side of the boat feeling the breeze ruffling their hair. Timothy spotted a new-looking watch in the water and picked it out without thinking. Sadly it seemed the water was infested with some sort of lice that had them itching for hours.


Once they had taken several showers and were feeling better they went to a nearby market. Lucy became fascinated by a native who was fire dancing. She stood watching him for sometime until he asked her “Would you like to learn miss?”


Lucy felt shy but she knew if she didn’t try she would regret it. The native turned out to be a very patient teacher and they kept it up a few hours whilst Timothy amused himself as best he could, eventually falling asleep on a hammock.






The second day they decided to hit the shops and Lucy bought herself a little ring she saw.


They stopped at lunchtime in a little open air eating place, followed by a dip in the ocean. After dinner they walked along the beach and were surprised to come across a shipwreck. There was no one on it, being quite late in the evening by this point. They decided to take a look round and amused themselves by imagining they were pirates.



Timothy then dreamt about the ship again that night, or at least Timothy felt it must have been a dream as he remembered meeting a strange man on board. He was dressed up like a ship’s captain and taught Timothy a strange song called the sea chanty.




The oddest thing was that although it was a dream, he remembered all the words the next day and regaled Lucy with it whilst they were waiting for a tour coach.


Their week passed quickly and before long it was time to return home. Lucy had managed to overdo the sun on the last day and felt raw all over.


However they had both thoroughly enjoyed their holiday and felt eager to get home and start their new lives together.