“Wakey, wakey, rise and shine” said a cheerful voice in Lucy’s ear.

Lifting her heavy eyelids she squinted at Anne’s face beaming down at her. “You’re getting married today! I am making you a tasty breakfast, so be downstairs in ten minutes.” Lucy’s heart gave a little leap as she remembered it was her wedding day and getting out of bed she found herself some clothes and made her way to the dining room.




Anne was staying over at the Wintersmith house, whilst Timothy and Harry were using Anne’s house as their base of operations. After breakfast the girls went upstairs to start getting ready whilst Kendra sat on the sofa feeling ambivalent.




She was happy that Timothy had found someone like Lucy to spend his life with, but she wished Ernest could have lived to see his son get married. She missed Ernest so very much, he would have been so proud to see his sons growing into young men. It seemed wrong that they had lost him so soon and now she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she followed him. Kendra knew she was getting old and she wondered if she would ever get to see any grandchildren before her time came. Rising, she tried to dispel these gloomy reflections and went upstairs to see the bride.




Lucy was standing in her new room staring anxiously at her reflection with Anne behind her. Lucy asked Anne uncertainly, “Do I look okay?”

Anne beamed back at her and answered, “Timothy is a very blessed man, you look gorgeous, you will knock his socks off.”

Kendra walked in with a tear in her eye and said “I never had a daughter, part of me felt a little sad that I never did, but now here she is, you really do look very lovely.” Lucy hugged Kendra tight.




 Timothy sat at the front of the church, picking at his fingernails nervously. Harry patted him on the back saying “Hold in there, it’s only the rest of your life, no biggie.” He grinned at his brother who smiled back and retorted




“You wait till it’s your turn.” At that moment the doors at the back of the church opened and Timothy stood up and looked round. There she was; his bride, she looked so lovely.




As she walked towards him her eyes fixed on his, the guests melted away, all he could see was her. The rest of the service passed in a blur.










“To the bride and groom” said Harry raising his glass and all the guests followed. Timothy sat beside his bride, staring into Mrs Wintersmith’s eyes, when a hand on his shoulder distracted him. His Mum smiled down at him, “I have a present for you two,” she said handing him an envelope. Timothy looked surprised “You have already given us so much; you didn’t need to get us a wedding present.” Kendra smiled down at him and said “It’s not everyday your son gets married, well go on, open it.” Timothy ripped open the envelope and found plane tickets inside. “I have sorted your honeymoon for you, I thought you two would like somewhere a bit exotic.” Timothy hugged his mum tight thanking her, whilst Lucy looked at the tickets in disbelief. “Harry and Anne have packed your suitcases so I hope you will have everything you want.”




Soon the bride and groom where getting into their car. They were staying at a fancy hotel near the airport, before flying out on their honeymoon the next day. Lucy held the tickets in her hands again checking them over, amazed at Kendra’s generosity and out of the corner of her eye saw her new wedding ring. She was Mrs Wintersmith at last.