After graduation Timothy and Lucy returned with Kendra to the Wintersmith Mansion. Lucy had felt some unease about moving in with Timothy and his mother, but Kendra did her best to be welcoming.


It struck both Timothy and Lucy how frail Kendra was looking and they were glad to do all they could to look after her.


The Wintersmith mansion housed five dogs: Soot, Sweep and Coco were the children of the founder dog Fudge. Ernest had adopted Boots; a stray he found in the park and Coco and Boots had produced Benjy.


Timothy decided on returning home, that the dogs needed more looking after than Kendra could provide and organised for a dog walker to come to take them for walks. They had never meant to have so many dogs, but somehow when Fudge had given birth all those years ago, they hadn’t the heart to give them away.

Not long before Timothy returned, Boots went missing. Kendra had rung the Police, but they seem to hold out little hope of finding him.


They could only hope that Boots would manage to find his way home again. Benjy seemed very pleased to have his master back and started following him around, as if he was afraid Timothy might go away again.


Timothy was now sleeping in his old childhood room and Lucy in Harry’s, but where they would sleep after the wedding was still undecided. A few weeks after they had returned, Timothy and Lucy sat in the front room discussing the future.


Kendra who had heard the conversation as she was passing the door came in and putting her hand on Timothy’s shoulder said “Don’t you worry, when your Dad died he left me a very rich lady, and we can build you your own room. This house isn’t finished and there is space to work with, why don’t you come up with a plan between you.” Timothy and Lucy were very excited by this and Lucy exclaimed when Kendra had left them, “Your Mum is so generous; to think we get to design our own room!”


It was fun designing it, but it also added to their work load. Their wedding was fast approaching and there were still so many things to be done. Kendra was glad to be involved in the preparations; it made her feel young again and reminded her of her own wedding. It was a long time ago now that she and Ernest got married, they had started out their life together, poor, but with high hopes for the future.


Before they knew it, the wedding was only a week away and their new room was finally finished.



They had chosen to have it at the front of the house with a Balcony, from which they could look out across the fountain, or would be able to once the snow receded. As Timothy and Lucy stood looking out from their new room they both felt that life couldn’t be better.