Anne stood at the sliding doors, looking out at her new garden.


It was just grass at the moment, but her Mum was keen to get working on it. Here Anne was, out of University and in her own place with her Mum, it had seemed the sensible solution. With Timothy and Lucy moving back into the Wintersmith Mansion, Vyn had felt she would be in the way. Vyn was all the family Anne had and putting the pension and Anne’s earnings together they had rented a little place.




While temping in various mindless office jobs throughout the summer, Anne had  been seriously thinking about her future. So far none of the jobs in the paper had been what she was looking for.




Anne had decided that she wanted to work with food and now just needed the right opening. In the meantime Riverblossom Hills was being used as a setting for the film “Fields of Gold” and they were looking for extras from the local community. The pay was good and Anne even found herself being given a few lines to say. The extras job was for a few months and she hoped when it finished that she might hear of a culinary opportunity in the neighbourhood.


Vyn who was used to having Kendra around all day found the house too quiet when Anne was out at work. After a discussion with Anne it was decided they should get a pet to help keep her company. A dog seemed too much work, so they settled on a cat.  



They got Puddles from the local animal rescue centre and he soon became part of the family. Anne also found herself growing rather fond of him and his funny ways.




A few weeks after Anne had moved in she was sitting watching TV one evening, when she heard a knock at the door. Upon opening it she found Timothy standing on her doorstep.

“It’s a nice place you have here,” he commented on being shown through to the lounge. “Mum is missing Vyn, but I hope you are happy here together?”




Anne replied “We seem to be getting along, I think Mum misses Kendra as well, but she really didn’t want to be in the way with you and Lucy returning home.”

After a short pause Timothy began in a serious tone “Anne I have something to ask you, you don’t have to say yes, but Lucy and I would love it if you would be our bridesmaid.”




Anne looked surprised and Timothy continued “I know we have a history and things haven’t been easy, but you seem so happy with Harry now and you were my best friend for so many years, you mean a lot to me.” He smiled slyly and continued “You’re almost family you know and you will be one day if I am not mistaken.”


Anne blushed and finding her voice answered “Wow, I would be honoured.”

Timothy broke into a wide smile and hugged her, “Thanks” he said his eyes glistening. “We are planning to get married just before Christmas, I will let Lucy ring you and sort out arrangements for dresses and such like.”


After Timothy was gone, Anne sat on the sofa thinking things through.




She felt good about being bridesmaid and she was glad that Timothy had asked her. She had never got to know Lucy and lately she had wished that she could find someway to get past the awkwardness between them. Harry had always said Lucy was really nice and she knew Lucy had no family of her own. Anne determined to not only be her bridesmaid, but become her friend as well if she could. She recalled Timothy’s words with another flush of pleasure, it would be good to get to know Lucy better, they might one day be family.