Timothy surveyed his room, tomorrow he would be saying goodbye to it forever.




Today had been his day of triumph, he had graduated with honours. His Mum had come to see the ceremony and Lucy and Anne had graduated beside him.  




Now the ceremony was over, he was starting to realise that everything was going to change. He would be saying goodbye to the place he had lived and studied in for the last four years.


He sat on the bed thinking over his time at University. When he had first arrived, he had still been hurting from losing his Dad.  



Not only that, he had been dating Anne, knowing that he didn’t love her. One of the last things his Dad had told him just before he died, was to never Anne her go.



Timothy had looked up to his father and felt that he had to follow what he saw as his father’s final wishes.  It had taken years for him to realise that, he wasn’t being fair to himself or Anne and so finally he had broken up with her.




Then he had fallen for Lucy. He had noticed her when he had first moved into halls and had been aware of his attraction to her, but he had been with Anne then. Even when he had been single again, he had taken things slowly, unsure of how she felt about him.


University had been the place he had proved himself to be a true Wintersmith, in his Dad’s meaning of the word, by opening his own business.




It had been an adventure and he had succeeded in making it a success. It had also allowed him to see that Lucy and he could work well together as a team, they seemed to complement each other. It was whilst working at his business that he had first realised that Lucy was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.




Now here he was, engaged to be married.




He knew that he would be happy married to Lucy and for them money would be no problem, as the eldest son he would inherit the Wintersmith mansion. Lucy and he would have a start in life, few could boast. He did sometimes feel that it was unfair that Harry didn’t get the same advantages he would, but Harry had never been bitter about it and Timothy would do what he could to help his brother out. 



The sounds of the  graduation party outside roused him and he decided it was time to go and join in, tomorrow he would move back and begin his life and he would have Lucy by his side.