As the sound of Becky’s car died away, they stood staring at each other, unsure of what to say next.


“Let’s go inside” suggested Harry and walked off to the kitchen. He made them a cup of tea for something to do with his hands, whilst he tried to take in all that had happened that evening.


They sat opposite each other both feeling self conscious. Harry asked “What happened tonight? Why were you drinking?”

Anne looked shyly up at him and responded “I overheard you and your brother talking about this weekend. I know you were off to the mountains with Becky. I knew what you were gonna get up to.”

Harry was smiling faintly at her “Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?”

“You were with Becky and I thought you were happy. I only found out a few days ago that you had been in love with me. Before then, I thought I was just a passing fancy. Timothy seemed so sure you were over me and happy with Becky.”

“You trusted Timothy’s judgement of my feelings?” said Harry with a wry smile.


“I didn’t know what to think, I thought I was too late. You even said tonight that you didn’t care about me.” said Anne remembering that painful conversation.

“I lied, I didn’t want to care for you, I thought you were only kissing me because you were drunk and I was angry with myself for being so easily caught in the same situation with you twice. But when you kissed me Anne, I lost myself, I forgot everything, except how I felt for you.”

Anne smiled back at him and shyly reached over the table to his hand, just as the door opened. She felt Harry close his hand round hers and they turned to see who was coming in the front door.


It was Timothy and Lucy who noticing the light in the kitchen walked in. “Harry, I thought you would be away with Becky I didn’t…….”

Timothy’s words failed him as he saw that Harry and Anne were holding hands. Harry smiled up at him saying “There’s been a change of plan.”