Anne sat trying to understand what had just happened. She felt suddenly sober, she had been an idiot, worse than that, Becky had been right and she deserved the name she had been called. Harry was with Becky now and she just kissed him. Kissed him whilst his girlfriend sat, waiting in the car for him.


“But he had kissed back,” said a voice inside of her. “He said he felt nothing for you, but he reacted when you kissed him and he wanted you too, you know he did.” Making a split second decision, she ran out the house and down the path to where Becky and Harry were just reaching the car in silence.


“Stop!” shouted Anne. Becky looked furious, but Anne didn’t wait to see what she would say. Turning to Harry she said “I love you, that’s why I kissed you. I never meant to try and split you and Becky up, but I got drunk and I couldn’t help myself when you were so close. I know you said you don’t care anymore, but I had to tell you.” Harry looked speechless at Anne.


Becky meanwhile was red with fury. “You bitch, can’t you ever give up? He is with me, tell her Harry,” but Harry was silently staring at Anne.

“Harry, tell her.” shouted Becky

“Do you really mean it?” he asked Anne.

“Yes, I really do. I know I have been an idiot, but I do love you.”

Harry turned to Becky who was looking incredulously at him and said “I’m really sorry.”

Becky stared at him for a moment before getting in her car, slamming the door and driving off at high speed.