“What’s going on?” demanded Becky.


Harry looked up, open mouthed, unable to say anything. He came back to the present with a jolt. Here was Becky, his girlfriend and he had been kissing Anne. He looked to Anne for assistance, but she was looking down at the ground. What was she thinking? Was it just the alcohol which had lead to their kiss? He felt anger rising inside him, was she messing him around again? Why couldn’t she leave him alone to get over her?

“Well?” Becky demanded angrily, tapping her foot loudly to get his attention. Harry answered “Anne’s had a bit to drink and she kissed me.” “Really?” replied Becky incredulously “and you were fighting her off, as I saw.”


Harry walked towards Becky. “I’m sorry” he replied “She caught me off guard.”

“So she means nothing to you then?” asked Becky.

Harry swallowed and replied “No, nothing.” He found it difficult to look Becky in the eye as he said this. Anne had made a fool of him once; he wouldn’t let her do it again.


Becky turned to Anne and said viciously “You’re a slut you know that, throwing yourself at someone else’s man. I told you to keep away from him, but oh no you had to have your chance at breaking us up.” Turning back to Harry she continued “Let’s get out of here.”

She turned round and Harry followed her out of the room whilst Anne sat on the bed, tears streaming down her face, unable to say a word.