“What do you want for Christmas?” asked Timothy, as Lucy and he sat in the kitchen together. “I don’t mind,” replied Lucy, sliding her hand into his and smiling.



Timothy studied her closely. It wasn’t that long ago when he would have taken that comment at face value, but experience had taught him, what women say and what they mean are often very different things. He smiled at his fiancée “No really, you better give me some idea. You know how bad I am at choosing presents for you. Have you forgotten what I got you for your birthday?”




Lucy grimaced at the recollection and replied “Okay how about we go shopping later? I can give you some pointers. But for now I need to get ready for my lecture,” and placing a kiss on his lips she got up. As she left the room, Anne entered and pouring herself some cereal, sat down in Lucy’s vacated seat.


Timothy asked “Have you seen Harry recently?”

Anne shook her head and replied sullenly “No, he is always with Becky.”




Then realising how she sounded she made an effort and hazarded “She seems really nice and seems to make him very happy.” Timothy smiled back “Yeah she does. I’m glad after how long he was in love with you, it’s great to see him moving on.” He glanced back at her and was surprised to see her shocked expression and her mouth hanging open. “What?” he asked.




“He was in love with me?”

“Of course he was, you knew that.”

“No,” said Anne slowly, no longer looking at him“I knew he liked me. Was he really in love with me and had been for ages?”




Timothy was starting to feel very uncomfortable and wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth. He decided to evade the question and instead replied “Not that it matters though, eh? You only like him as friend, right?”

Anne replied with a sigh “He’s with Becky now and he’s happy, that’s what matters,” and getting up, she walked out the room, leaving her untouched cereal behind.


Timothy felt that he had rather let slip something he shouldn’t have and decided to go and ask Lucy’s opinion on his conversation with Anne. After telling her all that Anne had said and answering all her questions to the best of his memory on how she had looked, he awaited her verdict.




“Well,” said Lucy, a look of surprise on her face “I thought she didn’t fancy him, but it rather sounds like she may have changed her mind.”

“Do you think I should say something to Harry?” Timothy asked.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t get involved. If she wants to tell him, she will and he doesn’t need us messing up his head, when he seems so happy with Becky.”


This seemed sensible to Timothy, what if Anne only liked Harry because he was with Becky? Much better that Harry had no idea just how differently Anne seem to feel about him now.