As Harry was eating his breakfast one morning, Anne sat down in the chair opposite him and said. “Hi, look can we talk?”



“Okay” replied Harry wondering what she would say.

Anne took a deep breath and said “I’m really sorry for what I did on our date, but now that you are with Becky, I thought perhaps we could put it behind us? You have been such a good friend to me in the past and I know I haven’t been a great one in return, but I have really missed hanging out with you. Can you forgive me?”

Harry looked up into her pleading expression and replied with a wide smile “Sure, I have missed hanging out with you too.”




Harry forgave Anne completely and in no time at all they were just as good friends as they had been before. With Harry seeing Becky, Anne didn’t have to worry that he might want something more, but she found it annoying that when they were having a good time together, Becky would suddenly call or drop round and spoil their fun.




One Sunday afternoon, Anne was sitting in the front room watching TV, when there was a knock at the door. She opened it and was surprised to see Becky standing there, as she knew Harry had gone home for the weekend. “Hi, Harry’s not here” Said Anne wondering why Harry hadn’t said anything.

“I know. It was you I came to see,” replied Becky and walked past Anne into the front room. A bemused Anne closed the door and followed her saying “What can I do for you?”




Becky glared at Anne and replied “You can stay away from my boyfriend. I have seen the way you look at him.” Anne was surprised and annoyed and responded “We’re just friends.”




Becky ignored her and continued “When I come over, you are always here, hanging around him.”

Anne felt her temper rising and said “Don’t you trust him? if he is as keen on you as you think, what’s your problem?”




Becky retorted “I know he likes me and that he isn’t at all interested in you anymore. It’s just embarrassing to see you throwing yourself at him. How about you get a life and get your own man and stop your pathetic attempts to steal mine.” With this Becky stormed out slamming the door behind her.


Anne stood for a minute, shocked at what had just happened and then she started to cry. 




Once the tears stopped, she sat pondering. What Becky had said was hurtful. As she ran over the conversation in her head, she was surprised to find that the most hurtful part, was when Becky had said that Harry obviously didn’t care for her anymore. The truth hit her in an instant. She sat stunned, it had been so gradual she hadn’t seen it coming and yet now she realised that she wanted more from Harry than friendship. She had thought that she could only ever love Timothy, but now she realised that she had fallen in love with his brother.




She shut her eyes tight in despair. What was wrong with her? when he had offered himself, she had turned him down and now when it was too late she realised how much he meant to her.




She stared gloomily out of the window, Harry had a girlfriend. She had had her chance with him and she had blown it. There was nothing she could do now, if she really cared for him the best thing she could do was to leave him alone, to be happy with Becky.