Anne’s Friday night had been dull, whilst everyone else had been at Sarah’s party; she had sat at home trying to work and not at all succeeding.



She had sat with her books before her, staring at the clock, her mind on the party. Her mind seem to keep returning to Melissa and Harry and she wondered if they were getting to know each other better.


The next day, on her way in to class, she ran into Melissa. Anne said “Hi” feeling rather sheepish. She still wasn’t sure why she had got so angry with Melissa. If Melissa wanted to date Harry, why should it matter to her? “Hi” said Melissa, smiling back and then obviously bursting to tell her of the night’s events continued, “You missed a great party, Sarah’s parents have the biggest house and with them out of town, we had a wild time.”




“Did you see the guys from my dorm?” asked Anne

“Yeah, they were there” replied Melissa dismissively, but Anne persisted

“So Harry went then? Did you talk to him?”

“Yeah I said hi, but he was a bit busy too talk to me, to tell you the truth he was chatting up Becky.”

“Oh” replied Anne “They seem to get on well did they?”




“Well judging from how far he had his tongue down her throat, I’m guessing so,” then watching Anne carefully she added “Not that you care, right?”

“Yeah, he’s just my friend,” said Anne and then fell silent staring ahead. Melissa smiled a rather knowing smile and decided to say no more as they walked into the lecture theatre.




Harry and Becky soon became an item. Becky was a pretty, intelligent girl and made Harry laugh. She was everything a bloke could want, he told himself.




Harry was determined not to sit and mope over Anne, she wasn’t the only woman worth having and Becky was a catch. If Anne didn’t care for him, he would do his best not to care for her. Yet at the back of his mind, a part of him was refusing to give up the fantasy of him and Anne.  When he fell asleep at night, it was Anne’s face that haunted his dreams.