“Why did you kiss me?” demanded Harry. Anne looked back at him and her guilty expression told him all he needed to know.


“So I am a pawn in your game to win Timothy back am I? How stupid could I be?”, Harry turned away without waiting for an answer. Anne, realising how much she had hurt her friend followed behind saying “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me, we were having such a lovely evening. Can’t we start over?” Harry spun round to face her, his face red with anger “You don’t want me, do you Anne? You want HIM.” He looked back to the dorm, where his brother was no longer visible and continued “It was silly of me to ask you out. Look let’s just forget this happened okay? I’m gonna go for a walk.”


Anne watched him walk down the path, she couldn’t think of anything to do to stop him. All he had said was true and she couldn’t say anything to make it better. Turning round she strode indoors, past Timothy and Lucy and went into her room locking the door.


Harry walked on, going over their conversation and wishing he had never asked her out. He became aware of footsteps behind him and turning round he saw his brother coming towards him. “You okay?” Asked Timothy, looking concerned. “Anne came in without saying a word and you walked off, did you have a row?” Harry turned away and sat down not wanting to look at his brother.

Timothy sat beside him and continued “I had no idea you were an item, it was a bit of a shock for me to see you together, I admit.” Harry turned on him and said fiercely “Well we aren’t an item, that kiss was for your benefit, Anne’s idea.” he said bitterly.


“It’s you. Everyone always loves you best, haven’t you noticed that? First Dad and now Anne. I thought perhaps she could like me, but no, I can’t compete with you.” Harry buried his head in his hands to hide the tears, which he couldn’t stop from running down his cheeks. Timothy sat in stunned silence; he had never heard his brother talk like this.


Rousing himself Timothy replied softly, “Dad loved you, you know. It’s just that I shared his love of business, I only really started working at the restaurant so I could spend more time with him.” Harry didn’t look up, so Timothy continued. “Dad would be so proud of you if he could see you now. We can all see you have a real talent for music. You were so young when he died he never got to see your talents develop.”

Timothy stared out into the night, thinking back to his Dad and he felt suddenly felt a sharp longing to see him again. Pulling himself back to the present he said “I’m sorry things haven’t worked out for you and Anne, I had no idea you liked her like that, but I guess I was being dense as usual. She’s lost out, she would have been happier with you than she ever was with me.” Harry looked up eyeing up his brother and weighing his words before mumbling “I have been in love with her for as long as I can remember and was stupid enough to think she might feel the same way.” Timothy smiled sadly at his brother and said “She’s the one missing out mate. I really am sorry.”


Both brothers sat in silence again until Timothy said “It’s getting cold out here, how about we go to the student bar? There’s a band on tonight, I forget which one is playing, but we can probably catch the end of their set. It would be a great place for you to check out, maybe your band could play there one day?” “Sure” replied Harry. He didn’t care what he did, but at least it might distract him from the night’s disastrous events.