Anne was still pondering whether she had made the right choice, when Harry returned. He gave her a nervous smile and said “Ready to go?”, “Sure” said Anne trying to smile back and suddenly feeling very awkward round her friend. It seemed on the walk to the restaurant that she wasn’t the only one feeling ill at ease now. Harry kept running his fingers through his hair and neither seem to know what to talk about.




Finally inspiration struck Anne and she asked Harry about his latest gig. Harry had started a band called ‘The Scare’ at high school with some friends and after hard practising they had managed to get a few gigs in local pubs.  Harry loved his music and it was the perfect topic to put him at ease. She watched him with pleasure as he told her all about their latest song and his hopes for his band. He seemed to have such vision, maybe it was Wintersmith thing? Ernest and Timothy had shared a vision of their business empire and although Harry didn’t share their love of business it seemed to Anne that he still possessed the Wintersmith drive and passion.




Once they reached the restaurant, all the awkwardness seemed to return and they buried their faces in their menus, hardly taking any notice of the dishes. Then Harry, taking a deep breath lowered his menu and said “This is silly, we normally talk for hours, as soon as I mention the word date we both all clam up. I wanna talk to you and hang out and have fun like we normally do, can we do that do you think?” He looked up at her questioningly. Anne blushed and after a moment responded. “I know it sounds unbelievable but I had no idea you liked me like that, it’s taking me some time to process. You’re a great mate and I love being with you, it’s just all changing now and I’m not sure what to do.”




Harry looked on in surprise and after a moment’s reflection asked wonderingly “You really didn’t know?” “No, too wrapped up in my own concerns, I’m afraid.” A cloud passed over Harry’s face; he knew she was referring to her obsession with his brother and then he brightened. “You said yes when I asked you out.” He said smiling broadly at her. “Yeah I did” replied Anne smiling shyly back. With this happy thought Harry was able to talk in his normal lively manner. Soon Anne was laughing away as she normally did and time flew by.




On the way home as Anne was telling Harry about University, Harry stared into her eyes. ‘She is so beautiful’ he thought to himself ‘and she is out with me’. As they reached the dorm both of them slowed down and came to a stop without thinking about it. But once they were standing there they both realised that the moment for their first kiss had arrived.




Anne felt embarrassed and began looking at her shoes, whilst she thanked Harry for the fun evening. But something made her look up and there he was smiling back at her. She stared back too long and Harry leant forward to kiss her. Anne turned her head and Harry’s lips brushed Annes cheek. Harry felt slightly disappointed but only for a moment as for no reason Harry could explain, Anne had changed her mind and was kissing him.




He held her close enjoying her soft lips, he had dreamt of this for such a long time. Then she was drawing away and as he opened his eyes he realised she wasn’t looking at him but back to the dorm. Glancing over he saw his brother and Lucy looking out. Suddenly it all made sense. Anne had kissed him because she saw Timothy was watching.