Anne sat, pen in hand, staring out of the window, a textbook open on the table. She was trying to do some background reading for the coming term, but she couldn’t keep her mind on her work.

Her summer had passed uneventfully. She had stayed on campus and was very glad she did, when the news of Timothy’s engagement reached her. Some of her new friends had stayed behind as well so she hadn’t been lonely.  

Today, Harry was joining the house and Anne was waiting for the sound of the car announcing his arrival. Timothy and Lucy had returned a few days ago and Anne had bravely gone and congratulated them, but other than that she had avoided their company.

If it wasn’t for Harry, she felt she would have gone in search of another place to live, but although she hadn’t seen him through most of the summer they had texted and emailed each other. Harry had been working all the summer in a local music shop and it wasn’t until this, the last weekend before term started that he had finally stopped working and packed for University.

The sound of a car approaching brought Anne out of her reverie and she jumped up. One glance out the window told her it was indeed Kendra and Harry and she flew outside. Harry who had just emerged from the car was surprised to see Anne running down the path and even more surprised to find her hugging him tight.

Anne looked over his shoulder to see Kendra smiling faintly and suddenly feeling rather foolish, although she didn’t know why. To cover her embarrassment she grabbed a box and lugged it inside to Harry’s new room. Timothy, hearing the noise had poked his head out his room in time to see Harry enter the house. “I didn’t hear the car, you are here already then, I wasn’t expecting you till after lunch.” And he went and hugged his brother.

Kendra, just walking through the door, replied to Timothy “Yes, your brother just wanted to be off once he was up, in a hurry to be here no doubt,” she said smiling. Harry’s pink face disappeared as he went back outside muttering “Best get the next box.”

That evening, once Kendra had left, Anne and Harry sat in the kitchen chatting. Anne said suddenly “I’m glad you’re here Harry, It feels like years since I saw you last. Did you have a good summer?”

Harry smiled back at Anne “Yeah it was good, I liked my job, it was good experience, but I missed you too.” He glanced down at the table and continued “Maybe we could celebrate my return, how does dinner sound?” Anne replied laughing “That depends, are you cooking or am I?”

Harry looked up and took a deep breath “No, I meant going out for dinner, like a date.”

“Oh,” said Anne surprised. But why was she surprised she asked herself. Looking back over his behaviour, it was obvious he was interested in her, yet she had never suspected. The face of Timothy filled her thoughts, she had been too obsessed with her own feelings for Timothy to recognise Harry’s feelings for her.

The silence had gone on too long for Harry and he continued. “I thought you knew, well no matter.” Then after a false cheery smile he added “I best finish my unpacking.” As he got up Anne made up her mind, “Wait” she said “It sounds lovely.” Harry smiled broadly and replied. “Cool, well let me change my shirt and I am ready.”

As Harry left the room, Anne wondered if she had done the right thing.