Things were now awkward in the in the Oasis dorm. Both Timothy and Anne tried their hardest to avoid each other and when this was impossible, were coldly polite. Neither could forget what the other had said and wished rather to let time and distance make things easier between them.



Looking round, Anne realised that she was virtually friendless. She had spent all her time and energy on Timothy and now she found herself feeling very lonely. Apart from Timothy the only other person she had really gotten to know was Harry, Timothy’s brother. She felt awkward calling him and guessed that she must lose that friendship too. Yet Harry was persistent and Anne was glad not to be so totally friendless.



Determined not to make the same mistake again she worked hard at getting to know people on her course and slowly worked her way into a crowd of friends.



Anne was tempted to move out at the end of the year after the exams but changed her mind when she found out that Harry was going to join them. One of their house mates had decided to drop out of University and Harry was happy to take their place. At the end of the third year Timothy, Lucy and Anne all gained top marks.



Timothy’s thoughts as University closed for the summer were very much focused on his future and he began to plan his life after University.