“Whoops“ came Timothy’s voice from the kitchen, before he appeared round the door.  “Looks like I forgot strawberries and cream, let me pop out to the shop and get them.”  He smiled at Lucy and his mum, grabbed his coat and left on his errand.



Timothy and Lucy were spending the weekend with Kendra, whilst Vyn visited Anne at University. They visited home quite often. Timothy was concerned for his mum and he was well aware she was getting old. He wanted to spend as much time with her as possible whilst he still could. Yet Lucy and Timothy couldn’t bear to be separated, so Lucy always came with him. Kendra and Lucy had hit it off from their first conversation and were able to chat away like old friends.



Timothy’s meal had been delicious and the ladies sat back in their chairs feeling rather glad that dessert was not imminent. After sitting some minutes in silence Lucy commented

“You seem very happy here with Vyn”.

Kendra smiled “She is an old friend, almost family now.”

Lucy paused, trying to figure out how to phrase the next question “You know Anne very well too, I guess?” Kendra nodded and studied Lucy closely, it was clear she had something on her mind. 


Lucy continued “Timothy has always wanted us to be good friends, I have tried but she doesn’t seem to like me. Timothy doesn’t even notice, but I am sure she doesn’t like me.”

Kendra replied “He is his father’s son, they seemed doomed to not see what everyone else sees clearly.” She paused and continued “Well I know if Anne and you haven’t hit it off it won’t be your fault. Best not worry about it.”



That obviously wasn’t going to do though, Lucy’s brow creased as she tried to figure it all out. Kendra could see Lucy was going to worry about it and decided she best try and help her understand why Anne was acting as she was.

Kendra began, “Perhaps she still cares for Timothy? I can’t imagine any other reason why she would not want to be good friends with you.”



Lucy responded “But they broke up over a year ago. They both decided they didn’t love each other. Timothy told me about it.”

“That he did” replied Kendra and continued “and she told him that she only viewed him as a friend. I believed it too at the time, but seeing how she acts round you and hearing you say that she doesn’t like you, does make me wonder.”

“Oh” said Lucy not sure how to take this revelation that Timothy’s best friend might still be in love with him.

Kendra, taking pity on her worried face said “I am hoping she will soon find a distraction in Harry, it’s obvious he dotes on her.” Lucy tried to smile but soon after mumbled something about going to the toilet and fled upstairs.



She sat on the bed trying to take in what she had heard. Anne belonged to this family, whilst she was an outsider. She had always been an outsider. Her parents had been killed in a car crash when she was small and she couldn’t remember them. With no other family she had ended up in an orphanage. The people had been kind to her, but with Timothy she had looked forward to a family of her own. She had been so glad to meet Kendra and get on so well with her. Now what if she told Timothy and he left her for Anne? She laid on the bed and cried.  She was so lost in her own unhappiness she didn’t hear Timothy come in.



“Lucy, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Lucy sat up and looked into his worried face. She could lie but that would only prevent the inevitable. If he was going to leave her it better be sooner rather than later. “Your mum said that perhaps Anne and I don’t get on as she still has feelings for you.”

“What?” said Timothy surprised “ She doesn’t, I asked her.”

Lucy retorted “Well ever thought she might have lied? Oh come on Timothy you aren’t very perceptive it wouldn’t be hard to fool you.”

Timothy stopped for a minute to think, feeling the truth of Lucy’s words “I am gonna go and talk with mum and sort this out. I want to know why she thinks Anne still has feelings for me.” With that he marched out the room leaving a very anxious Lucy behind him.



“Mum, what have you been telling Lucy about Anne? I just found her crying her eyes out.”

Kendra looked up at Timothy and replied “I wasn’t trying to upset her but she was wondering why Anne wouldn’t be her friend.” She took Timothy’s hand and motioned him to sit down and then continued



“Look, I am not saying Anne still has feelings for you, but it’s clear that Anne and Lucy don’t get on. I thought perhaps it was Lucy who was at fault, that maybe she felt threatened by Anne. Now either Lucy is a very good actress or Anne is the one who has been rejecting Lucy’s offers of friendship and if so you have to wonder why.” Timothy sat still, the logic in his Mum’s argument diffusing his anger. Could Anne still care for him? He finally answered “I guess you could be right I will have to talk to her again.”



Kissing his mum on the cheek he went to check on Lucy. Lucy, fearful of what he might say, was pretending to be asleep. As soon as Timothy left the room she started to cry again. Would Timothy leave her for Anne? She just didn’t know. Now she wished she had never brought up the subject with Kendra.  Lucy cried herself to sleep, now uncertain of what her future held.