Lucy held her bank statement in her hand, frowning and willing the numbers to be different. It was no use, she needed money. The scholarship the University had given her though generous wasn’t going to be enough. She would need to get job.


As she sat mulling this over in walked Timothy smiling, when he saw her expression he stopped, pulled up a chair and asked her what was wrong. Lucy sighed and replied “It’s nothing really, I just need to get a job that’s all. It looks like the scholarship won’t be enough to pay for my rent and allow me to eat as well. I managed to scrap through last year, but with the rent increase I need more money.”



Timothy looked at her concerned. “Well I can give you some money, I have two businesses so I have my own income.” Lucy smiled at Timothy and said “That’s really sweet and I do appreciate the gesture, but I wanna pay my own way.” Timothy nodded in understanding and said “Okay then” He sat for a minute in deep thought before a light dawned on his face and he said “I have an idea. I think I can find you the perfect job. I just need until tomorrow, leave it in my hands.” He placed a kiss on her hand and strode out purposefully.



“Can I open my eyes yet?” asked Lucy. The blindfold had seemed a silly idea but he had insisted. He had wanted it to be a surprise.” “Patience” replied Timothy glancing at her to make sure she wasn’t trying to remove it. “We are almost there now.” After a few more steps he brought her a standstill and said “Okay you can look now” Lucy undid the blindfold and looked around.



She was standing in front of a small shop, she looked up at the sign and read ‘Wintersmith furniture discounts’. She turned towards Timothy “Is this your shop?” she enquired. His wide, proud smile answered her. She frowned slightly and said “I don’t understand, what’s the surprise?” “You can work with me, I have been thinking about hiring someone as its getting too much for me to run all on my own. Don’t worry I will pay you the going rate.”  Lucy stood still staring at the sign unsure of what to say. Timothy noting her silence asked with a worried expression “Don’t you want to work with me?”



“It’s not that but what if we just can’t get on working together?” asked Lucy. Timothy smiled at her “Of course we will, but we could do a week’s trial how about that? If it doesn’t work out you can go and find a different job.” Lucy made up her mind “Great” she said and Timothy showed her inside.


Timothy was very proud of his shop and he took her round showing her everything and explaining what her duties would be, before moving onto the latest developments.  “I have just had an injection of cash from a local business. So I only half own it now. But it’s allowed me to expand. They were very impressed with what I had achieved here and hinted that they might be able to offer me a job someday running a much bigger business. It’s been hard starting it up from scratch but also very exciting.” He stopped his rapid speech and turned to Lucy “I’m sorry, I do go on about it I know.” She smiled back and hugged him “It’s fine it’s great to see you so excited about it.”



Lucy began working at the shop with Timothy the next week. Lucy worked at the till and when it was quiet worked out what items would need restocking. This freed Timothy to get talking to the customers and work out deals with new suppliers.



They became an effective team and Lucy became as enthusiastic as Timothy about the business. She felt it was a remarkable achievement and just made her love him more and more. She loved watching him work away, he was so confident and sure of himself and she found him inspiring. There was also a little part of her that viewed the business as partly hers. They had talked about marriage and she could see her future with him.



Everything seemed to be working for their good and she looked forward to the end of University when she would marry the man of her dreams.