Harry kept his word and visited Vyn about twice a week. With Kendra visiting as well, Vyn didn’t feel as alone as she imagined she might on Matthew’s death. Still Harry didn’t feel it was the ideal situation and an idea sprung into his head which he discussed with Timothy when he was visiting him one weekend.




Timothy liked the idea at once and Anne was called in, to give her opinion. He motioned to a chair and said “Anne, come sit down a minute we need to talk to you.” Anne obediently sat down and looked expectantly between the two brothers. Timothy began “Harry’s had an idea. We are worried about Mum next year when he comes to Uni. She is getting frailer and we don’t like the idea of her all alone in the house with just the dogs for company. So what if your mum moved in with her, what do you think? It seems like the perfect solution.”



Anne’s face showed her surprise and she paused a minute to consider the scheme. She knew how her mum with her inadequate pension was struggling to pay her bills, but how would she take to the idea? She answered “Seems a perfectly good plan to me, but I guess all we can do is suggest it and leave the rest up to them. I know they have been close since your Dad’s death and it would be good to know that neither of them is alone.”



Timothy rang his mum that evening and told her of their plan. Kendra was a little surprised and not initially too impressed with the idea. But the more she thought about it, the more it grew on her. She had been lonely enough the weekends Harry spent visiting Timothy and it was true that she and Vyn did get on very well and often saw each other three or four times a week. The plan made a lot of sense and she soon broached the subject with Vyn.


A month later Vyn moved in after many long talks with Kendra. Neither Kendra or Vyn wanted living in the same house to ruin their friendship. So it was decided that each would have their own separate kitchen and bathrooms. The Wintersmith mansion was big enough that this was no problem. Both women could have their own space when they wished, but also companionship. Vyn insisted on paying rent but Kendra managed to negotiate the amount down to a sum that Vyn would be able to afford comfortably. Kendra was very rich since Ernest’s death and she had no desire to profit from her friend.



All the children and Lucy were on hand to help with the move, whilst Kendra and Vyn supervised the work. Kendra had seen enough in Harry’s looks and actions to interest her and had managed to get a moment alone with Vyn for a private consultation. She asked Vyn  “How is Anne doing now after her break up with Timothy?” Vyn shrugged and replied “I can’t really get her to talk to me about it, but she seems okay.” Kendra smiled and answered “No one else caught her eye?” Vyn’s forehead creased in a frown and she answered “I don’t think so, but my dear you obviously know something I don’t so out with it.” Kendra smiled and laughed. “I will tell you what I know which isn’t much. Harry has been keen on a girl for sometime, but I haven’t been able to get any information on who the lucky lady is. Watching him today made me sure it was Anne” Vyn looked surprised. “Are you sure?”



“Yes” replied Kendra decidedly “And I wondered if she felt the same way. I guess if you don’t know we will just have to wait and see” The ladies continued to watch the pair the rest of the day and by the end concluded that Harry obviously liked Anne, but of how Anne felt, neither of them could figure out. Was she just better at hiding her feelings or was she oblivious to Harry’s adoration? Vyn found herslf looking at Harry with new interest. He had always seemed like a pleasant boy and she had been very obliged to him for visiting her so often. Now she understood why he had been so attentive.



Once all the work was done and everyone had showered, they sat down to a meal together. As Kendra sat at the head of the table and offered more food to anyone whose plates looked more than half empty she smiled to herself. She had known Vyn for such a long time now and watched Anne grow up that she looked on them as almost family. It was good to have everyone together.



Since the boys had gone to Uni, family meals had been few and far between. She was also happy to have Lucy there. She had only met her briefly before at University but now she had gotten to talk to her and found her a very pretty and friendly young lady. It was obvious to her that Timothy and Lucy were serious about each other and she was glad that Timothy had found someone that he could love.



She knew she would be sad when Sunday came and took them back to University, but with Vyn living her she wasn’t dreading Harry leaving in September. Yet part of her wished they could have stayed her little boys forever, how quickly time had passed.



It seemed such a long time ago now and here they were young men with their lives ahead of them. She wondered what lay in store for them and only wished she might be around long enough to meet her grandchildren.