“Anne, have you seen my….Anne?” Timothy paused “Are you okay?, What’s happened?” Anne’s reverie was broken and she looked up at him, almost confused as to what he was doing there. 


Her voice trembling she said “It’s Matthew he has been in an accident, he’s at the hospital. I need to go there.” She stood up uncertainly and Timothy caught her arm as she stumbled. “Of course we will go, just let me get my jacket and I will call a taxi, you just sit there.” Anne gratefully sank back into her chair lost in her own thoughts again as Timothy ran to his room and grabbed his jacket.



He then knocked on Lucy’s door and at her voice entered. Before she could say anything he said “Anne’s brothers in hospital, I am gonna go with her, I am not sure what time I will be back so we will have to reschedule dinner.” Lucy’s face showed her concern and she said “Sure, look after her okay?” Timothy smiled, kissed her and pulling out his mobile rang a taxi.



A week later, Anne sat staring up at the coffin. The service was over and she sat trying to believe that it was really real. She hadn’t seen much of Matthew since she went to University. They had never been really close, but he had always been there in the background. She couldn’t grasp the idea he was gone, but here she was all dressed in black in front of the coffin.



Outside she stood a little apart lost in her gloomy thoughts, when she felt a touch on her arm. She turned to see Timothy’s anxious face “I am really sorry Anne, I wanna be there for you. We should go out for coffee soon.” Anne managed a small smile



 “Well tomorrow we could…” Timothy interrupted “I can’t tomorrow sorry, its mine and Lucy’s four month anniversary. The next day though yeah?” “Sure” said Anne fighting back a tear and turning away to hide it. Timothy, unsure of what else to say slipped quietly away. Harry had been standing near by and heard the whole exchange and as Timothy left he walked towards Anne.



“Umm, I’m really sorry Anne.” said Harry. Anne dried her eyes and turned round to see Timothy’s younger brother looking uncomfortably at her. “Thanks” said Anne mechanically. Harry continued “I know Timothy isn’t around as much, if you ever want to talk you can call me and don’t worry about your mum, Me and mum will visit her often so she doesn’t get lonely.” He passed over a piece of paper with his number on and Anne who was really grateful for his kindness hugged him and breathlessly whispered thanks in his ear, before walking away to cry in private. She hadn’t considered how lonely her mum might be and she was glad that she would be well looked after whilst she was at University.



The next few weeks were hard for Anne. Timothy tried to be there when he could and she appreciated the time he spent with her away from Lucy. Yet still she felt very much alone. One night she walked in to the front room to find Timothy and Lucy cuddled up on the sofa watching TV.



She left before they saw her and found herself crying alone in her room. Rummaging in her bag for a tissue she came across a folded piece of paper. It was Harry’s phone number. Feeling low and alone she decided to ring it. Harry answered and she said “Hi, it’s Anne. You said I could call.” “Hello” said Harry, his voice sounded pleased. He was a good listener and soon got Anne talking about herself and her studies.



When she finally got off the phone with him and looked at her watch, she was surprised to find that an hour had passed and that she was feeling brighter. Over the next few months whenever she felt down she would ring Harry and they would discuss everything under the sun. He never rang her, but when she rang him he always seemed pleased to hear her voice. When he visited his brother he would often spend some of his time with her.



Timothy was happy to see that Harry was taking good care of Anne. With his relationship he found himself busier and he was glad to see Anne have another friend to cheer her up. Now if only she could find herself a boyfriend he thought. Yet where was she likely to meet someone when she hardly left the house? Well in the meantime she had good friends in him and his brother.