Both Timothy and Anne excelled in their exams at the end of the first year and found a place on the dean’s list. To Timothy this wasn’t much of a surprise, he was used to excellent marks. Anne however was very proud of herself.



She had followed Timothy to University not really thinking much about her course. Once Timothy had dumped her though, she had thrown herself into her studies trying to keep her mind occupied. She had especially loved painting, it had allowed her to express everything she felt without anyone being any the wiser.



Timothy was finding himself distracted from his work. Since he had broken up with Anne, he had been getting to know their housemate Lucy. He had been keen on her for sometime. Yet although he had overcome his general shyness working at the restaurant, he still knew so little of women and the prospect of asking her out terrified him. Did she like him? He didn’t know. They hung out a lot together it was clear she liked his company, but then he hung out a lot with Anne too and him and Anne were just friends.



In the end there was nothing for it he went to the only person he felt comfortable talking about it with. He found Anne writing an essay.




“Hi, do you have a minute?  I really need your advice.” he said. Anne looked up at his anxious face, put done her pen and smiled encouragingly “Sure” she replied. Timothy began “I don’t know what to do Anne, I really like Lucy but I have no idea if she likes me back, how do I tell? I don’t want to ask her out and then things to get awkward if she doesn’t feel the same way.” Anne stared at Timothy.


She sat for a few seconds vainly wishing Timothy felt like that about her. Then a thought occurred to her, she could tell him that Lucy didn’t like him and stop him asking her out. She quickly rejected it thinking ‘what sort of friend would that make me?’.  Sighing she replied “Oh Timothy, you really can’t see what’s in front of your face can you. Of course she likes you, it’s obvious. To me it seems she is worried you don’t like her it’s taken you so long to get round to asking her out.” A wide smile spread across Timothy’s face and he replied “Really? Are you sure?” Anne nodded. Timothy looked appreciatively at Anne and hugged her “You’re such a good friend Anne; I will go and talk to her now before I lose my nerve.”  

After he left, Anne sat still staring out the window as a single tear escaped. She had known he would one day ask someone else out but it still hurt. Sighing she tried to get back to her essay. She wasn’t going to live her dream of being Mrs Wintersmith, so now she needed to make herself a new dream. She would make her mum proud of her at University and after she would get herself a career and have something of her own. A small smile flitted across her face and to try and stop herself wondering how Timothy was getting on she forced her attention back to her essay.



Timothy found Lucy watching TV. As he sat down next to her she smiled at him briefly, before turning her attention back to the TV.




He sat staring ahead unaware of what he was watching his heart racing in his chest as he tried to think of what to say. Finally he said “Umm, Lucy?” “Yeah?” she replied not turning to look at him. “Umm well there is this film on at the cinema on Saturday; I thought perhaps we could go… if you would like to that is, you don’t have to.” He ground to a halt feeling silly and sat silently waiting on her response.

“Why not I still have a cinema pass, have you asked the rest of the guys in the house yet or do you want me to?” Timothy felt the colour rush to his cheeks as he replied “No, that is I mean…. I thought we could just go together.” Lucy’s attention was thus drawn from the TV and she looked into his embarrassed face and realisation dawned. “Are you asking me out on a date?” she asked, Timothy could only manage a nod. A smile broke over her face and now she felt just as embarrassed as he did.

“Sure, I would love to.” Timothy smiled at her and not wanting to make anymore of a fool of himself said “Well I need to get on with my essay, see you later ok?”. Lucy turned back to her program but it no longer had her attention. She sat there wearing a happy smile. He had asked her out, he did like her, she had been beginning to wonder. Now all she had to work out was what she should wear.