Kendra’s words had given Timothy peace. He felt now he had been in the right to break up with Anne. Yet Harry’s words had also made an impression.




Maybe Anne hadn’t been as happy about the break up as he had. He felt it was his duty to find out. She had been his best friend, since he could remember and if she loved him, then he needed to back off and give her the chance to get over him. anne-the-messy-eater.jpg  

He took the next opportunity that they were alone to talk to her about how she felt. It was early in the morning and everyone else was asleep. As they sat down to breakfast together Timothy began “Anne you have been such an important part of my life, I have known you such a long time and I never wanted to cause you pain. I thought when we broke up that you felt the same as I did but now I have begun to wonder. If you still care for me more than just as friends perhaps I should back off and give you some space.” Anne was surprised by Timothy’s speech. She hardly felt awake and found it hard to take in all he was saying. That Timothy would have noticed how she felt was surprising and also encouraging. Yet it was hard to hear him say that he would back off, that she would lose him as a friend as well. She couldn’t bear that, she wanted to be near him even though it was a mixture of pleasure and pain rolled into one.



Taking a deep breath she said “I don’t know where you got that idea from, I am fine about it. There is no reason why we can’t be just good friends.” Timothy’s face lit up and the smile warmed her heart as he said “I am so glad, you mean so much to me”




She smiled back at him, her smile freezing into place as he continued with “I have been thinking of asking Lucy out for a while but I held back as I didn’t want it to be weird. Now I know how you feel I don’t have to worry.” Smile still frozen into place Anne stood up and said “That’s great, I need to get on with some work now, talk later okay?” and she walked into her room and threw herself onto her bed. Why had she been so foolish? Now everything was ten times worse and she was going to have to sit by and listen to him talk about Lucy and pretend she was okay with it. anne-studying.jpg  

The rest of the first year passed swiftly, Anne threw herself into her study to distract her from what was going on around her. She was finding studying difficult, Art wasn’t as easy as she had hoped and she needed a lot of her time to study. Timothy didn’t ask Lucy out but they did become good friends, Anne knew it was only a matter of time before he did. 


Timothy didn’t have to study so hard, he seemed to pick things up quickly and his Literature degree therefore wasn’t wholly engrossing him. Instead he was working on setting up a small business. Since his Dad died he hadn’t worked at the Tea shop. It was too painful. He left Anthony in charge and trusted to him to run the place. Ernest, before he died, had bought a little plot of land to give to Timothy. It wasn’t very big but it would allow Timothy to start his own business. He had decided to make it into a furniture store. His mum had lent him some money and when we wasn’t working at uni he was painting and decorating the place. By the end of the first year it was ready to open and serve its first customers.


Kendra was proud of her son and she saw so much of his dad in him. She came to the shop on its opening day to tell him how proud his father would have been with his new business venture.


“You really have the Wintersmith blood as he used to call it, the place looks amazing and I have no doubt you will make a success of it as your dad did with the restaurant.” As the year came to a close the money was pouring in and Timothy was loving running his own business.