About two weeks after he broke up with Anne, Timothy walked to the local train station and caught the train home to visit his mum and brother for the weekend.


He was looking forward to seeing them both, although a little anxious as he hadn’t yet told them about his break up. He hadn’t found the words on the phone. He knew they both thought a lot of Anne and it had been hard enough for him to make the decision he had made as it was. His father’s words had hung over him for such a long time and he had felt that by breaking up with Anne he was disappointing his dead father, perhaps even turning away from his dying wish. It hadn’t been easy and he had felt that he didn’t want to deal with any disappointment and so had shied away from telling them. Now he was going to see them he knew he had to tell them and he tried to figure out the best way in his head whilst the countryside rushed past. 

His mum picked him up from the train station and took him home. The three of them sat down together to eat and after Kendra had asked after Anne, Timothy took a deep breath and replied saying “She is well, but we are no longer together. We both talked about it and decided it was best, we will stay good friends though” Kendra looked surprised but said no more, Harry who heard this in mid mouthful choked on his dinner, but was likewise silent. 




Once dinner was finished Kendra went to check on dessert and Harry’s silence could last no longer. He had always idolised his older brother. He had seen how his father had found in Timothy the true Wintersmith spirit, as Ernest had called it. Harry rather than despising his brother had looked up to him. He didn’t understand how Timothy could come to such a decision especially after what his father had said. are-you-mad-2.jpg  

Harry erupted with “Are you mad to be letting her go? She is one in a million, you told me yourself dad said that and it’s true.” Timothy looked up surprised to see his brother so angry and answered “It’s for the best believe me, I don’t love her.” Harry replied “Don’t love her? What do you mean, you took her to the prom and you have spent almost every moment together. If you don’t love her, what have you been doing with her all this time?”

Timothy tried to explain “Well okay I do love her, but more as a sister I guess, not in the way I should as her boyfriend. I am sure she feels the same as well, she said as much” Timothy was bewildered at Harry’s anger, as far as he remembered Harry had hardly ever spoken two words to Anne. Harry wasn’t finished yet and retorted “I have seen the ways she looks at you; I don’t think she was pretending even if you were, you’re such an idiot.” With this Harry got up and ran upstairs to his room.  


Timothy was sitting in deep thought when his mum came in. She looked round at Harry’s absence and enquired “Where’s Harry?” Timothy looked up at his mum, his eyebrows knitted together with worry and replied “He thinks I am an idiot for letting Anne go, but I really don’t love her. Perhaps I should and I know it was what Dad wanted but I don’t.” He said the last sentence almost pleading at his mum, asking for her reassurance and understanding.



She sat down next to him and looking directly into his eyes said. “You can’t force yourself to love to someone. If you don’t love her then you did the best thing to break it off. Your Dad just wanted the best for you that’s all and he thought you were in love with her. If he had know how you felt he would never had said what he did.”





A small smile came to Timothy’s face as Kendra spoke. A second thought stole into his head bringing back the frown and he asked his mum “Harry thinks that Anne does really love me in return and that she just said she was okay with the break up.” Kendra continued in the same calm reassuring tone. “Even if she does love you, then you have still done the right thing.” After a moment’s thought Kendra continued “However maybe you should give her some space to get over you. It won’t help her if you are always round each other and don’t fret about Harry he will come round”


Timothy’s face brightened again and he said “Thanks mum” and hugged her close.