Timothy looked around himself; this was to be his new home. His mum had told him when he mentioned he was staying at the Oasis dorms, that this was the place his father had stayed when he studied at University. Timothy had been glad to hear that. He stilled missed his dad very much, it had only been two years since his death.




Anne had also managed to get a place at the Oasis Dorms which housed five students in all. Timothy’s first night was very different from Ernest’s. Long gone was his shyness, he had worked at the restaurant so long he was used to meeting new people all the time and he happily went and introduced himself to his new house mates Troy, Lucy and Jenna.




That evening as Timothy, Anne and Troy sat in the living room chatting. Timothy realised that Troy was flirting with Anne. He thought at first perhaps he was imagining it but at the end of the conversation when Troy rose to get up he said “Perhaps we could meet for lunch tomorrow?”




Anne blushed and left it for Timothy to say “Actually we are together.” Troy looked surprised and apologised saying “I am sorry, I thought you were her brother, I must have misread the body language.” And looking very embarrassed he left. Timothy went to bed that night very thoughtful.





The next evening once everyone had gone to bed and him and Anne were left alone he said “It struck me that we don’t act like other couples. I think it’s pretty obvious that we are more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend, don’t you agree?” Anne looked shocked and wasn’t really sure how to respond except to say “I guess so” Timothy beamed back at her “I am so glad you agree, it will be weird not going out anymore but I think its for the best, we have only carried it on this long it was so comfortable rather than we were in love.” He reached forward and hugged her before going off to bed. Timothy slept well that night.




The words his father had spoken on the day of his death, had kept him from admitting to himself for a long time that he wasn’t in love with Anne. He had been sitting at the table in the restaurant wondering whether he should break up with Anne. But then his father had sat down and told him he would be a fool to let her go and shortly after he had died. He had stayed with Anne wanting to be the man his father wanted him to be. Now he realised that it wasn’t fair to anyone especially as Anne had seemed to feel the same to.




In her room, Anne cried herself to sleep. She had always loved Timothy and one night had ended all her dreams, he didn’t love her and never had. How was she going to carry on? She had planned her whole future around him and now it was all gone. Maybe just maybe he would change his mind? Anne knew that was a false hope though. Even worse, she couldn’t tell Timothy how she really felt because he seemed to presume she was fine with it and if she told him she might lose her best friend as well as the boy she loved.