Timothy looked at himself in the mirror, he felt silly all dressed up but he had said he would take Anne and he couldn’t back out now.   


He heard his dad open the door. Ernest stood behind Timothy looking at his son in the mirror. Timothy was so grown up and looked so like he did at that age and yet Timothy seemed to have a confidence, he had never had. Perhaps he inherited that from his mother. Ernest was so proud of his son. Timothy was still working hard as a waiter and was eager to be taught all Ernest knew about the business. A true Wintersmith was a businessman or at least that’s how Ernest saw it.  Ernest stared a few seconds longer unable to express how he felt before he said “Well you best be going, don’t want to keep her waiting.”  


Timothy went downstairs to grab a jacket and there was his mum waiting for him. She made him stand still so she could look him over. “What a handsome young man you have grown into.” She said and she hugged him close, tears escaping as she did so. Timothy gave his mum a kiss and then looking at his watch said goodbye and started on his way to Anne’s.



When he knocked on the Baity door, Vyn opened it and smiled at him “Well don’t you look handsome, come in, she is running late I am afraid.” Timothy went and sat on the sofa feeling rather nervous, although he had known Anne’s mum as far back as he could remember. Vyn always eager to hear about the Wintersmith’s began “How are Ernest and Kendra?, they have decided to retire soon I gather. I wish I could but I am going to need a few more years yet to pay off the house. What do they think they will do with their time?”



Timothy was glad to have something to talk about and replied “Mum wants to take up gardening; she has got a greenhouse put in the back garden. Dad will probably do some more painting but he is also talking about doing a few shifts at the restaurant.” Vyn smiled “Your father always was a hard worker and that restaurant was a real source of pride to him, Anne tells me you work there a few hours a week and that one day you will be the man in charge.” Timothy’s face beaming full of pride said it all, he would be as proud of the business as his dad was. 

Anne chose this moment to appear. She looked rather sheepish, she wasn’t used to being all dressed up and wanted reassurance that she looked alright. Vyn looked up and exclaimed “Well don’t you look gorgeous, doesn’t she Timothy?” Timothy nodded unsure of what to say but it was enough for Anne. Timothy did think she looked gorgeous and so unlike the Anne he knew. 


When Timothy and Anne had finally made it to the prom they stood on the side of the dance floor watching other couples dance, both feeling rather awkward. Usually they could talk about anything, now every subject they tried seemed to fizzle out. When Timothy couldn’t stand it anymore he said “Do you want to dance?” Anne, with huge smile on her face said that she did and he led her onto the dance floor. Timothy relaxed after a few minutes and they started having fun, that was until the slow dance music came on and the awkwardness returned. They were in the middle of the dance floor with no easy way out the only thing to do was dance together. As Timothy held Anne close and stared into her eyes, he realised how pretty she looked all dressed up and they found themselves lost in each others eyes until the change in music told them the slow dance had ended and they went to get a drink.



Once the Prom was ended, Timothy walked Anne home and they talked more about all their classmates and who had gone with whom. The awkwardness returned when they reached Anne’s door. “Good night Timothy” said Anne “I had a really lovely time.”


Timothy smiled back at her and without planning it, he leaned forward and kissed her and she kissed back and with that they made the transition from best mates to boyfriend and girlfriend. Timothy walked home that night thoughtful and Anne laid in bed grinning to herself. She had fancied Timothy for ages and at last it had happened.