Ernest was true to his word and Anthony and Monica soon were invited over to dinner.  Ernest spent time preparing his favourite dish; he wanted to show Anthony his skill as a chef and impress he did.




Anthony enjoyed the evening but Monica felt so self conscious throughout. She wanted to impress Anthony’s friends and make Anthony proud of her but she felt as if she had nothing to talk about. Kendra was kind to her and did her best to put her at ease but Monica found herself glad when she could finally go home, a feeling that turned into sadness when she reached there. She had been looking forward to a night out and yet it hadn’t gone as she expected and here she was back here again. 


Timothy had been working hard at the restaurant for months now. He kept asking his dad when he would get to learn how to run the business and Ernest would just say “Not yet, keep at it.” Ernest wanted to see that Timothy could put in the hard work needed in a business and after six months with no sign on Timothy’s part of lack of interest he started teaching him more about the business.


Timothy was growing up fast and University was now looming on the horizon and the biggest talking point in his year at school was the prom. Timothy thought it was a stupid idea and couldn’t see anything more boring than getting all dressed up to dance for an evening. He was sitting with Anne in his room expressing his opinion one afternoon. All he got in response was “Yeah, stupid.” Timothy, like Ernest was not a natural reader of people and so when Anne got up and decided to go home soon after her comment, he thought no more of it.




 A few hours later the phone rang and Ernest answered. “Hello” said Ernest and then after listening to the answer he continued “I see, poor Anne, I will have a word, leave it to me.” Smiling ruefully to himself he went up to his son’s bedroom and knocked. “Come in” said Timothy. He was sitting at his desk, his homework in hand. He wasn’t at all sorry to be disturbed, he had been stuck on the problem they had set and had been spending the last ten minutes staring into space hoping for inspiration.


Ernest pulled up a chair and sat down and started to speak “I heard you had a talk with Anne about the prom earlier?” Timothy slightly confused as to where this was leading said he had. Ernest continued “Well it seems you have upset her, Vyn tells me she was hoping that you would ask her.” At this Timothy was indignant? “No she doesn’t, she said it was stupid.” Ernest sighed and patted his son on the back. “My boy you have lots to learn about women, what they say and what they mean are often very different things. Anne might have said she thought the idea of a prom was stupid, but she was really wanting you to ask her” Timothy now completely perplexed responded “Wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to say that?”




 “It would” replied Ernest “but women are not often that direct. Well she has been crying in her room all evening, do you think you could take her to the prom, it would mean so much to her?” Anne was Timothy’s best friend; he didn’t like to hear she was so upset so he nodded. “That’s my boy” said Ernest “well you can go over there now, tell her the good news, but don’t be back too late.” 


Timothy grabbed his coat and went over to the Baity household. Vyn opened the door “Hello Timothy, has your dad had a chat with you?” Timothy nodded, Vyn continued “Well she is in her bedroom, now whatever you do don’t tell her we interfered.” Timothy promised he wouldn’t and knocked on Anne’s door. She opened it a fraction and looked surprised to see him but let him in. Timothy looked at her; her eyes did look a bit red, but if he hadn’t been told she had been crying he would never had noticed. 






She sat looking at him and he suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Anne was his best mate they hung out together all the time but asking her to the prom felt different than asking her to the skating park, it was more a boy girl thing to do. Mustering his courage he said “I wondered if you wanted to come to the prom with me?” Anne looked momentarily surprised, but rallied and replied in an almost indifferent voice “Sure, why not.”


Timothy was expecting more of a positive answer, perhaps his dad had been wrong, but it was done now he had invited and she had said yes. He left soon after and walked home wondering why women were so confusing.




Once he was gone, Anne flew out of her room to her mum telling her that Timothy had asked her. Vyn was happy for Anne she, like Ernest cherished a hope that the two young ones would end up together. Anne fell asleep that night planning her dress and hair. She wasn’t normally into girly things but for the prom she would happily make an exception, espscially as Timothy would the guy whose arm she would walk in on.