When Kendra got back from the holiday she thought more about getting a new job. Teaching didn’t seem to be the exciting challenge it used to be. She didn’t want to start from the bottom of a career though; she was too near to retirement. On returning to school she saw a notice in the staffroom announcing a staff vacancy in a nearby school that would provide Kendra with just the challenge she needed.


She wasn’t the only one wanting a new challenge, Ernest had been feeling his job had gotten more and more dull and he had secretly applied for a new post. It was quite different from what he had been doing and could be viewed by some in the scientific community as laughable but he felt he could make a difference.  Ernest and Kendra were highly amused to find when they did talk to each other that they both had new jobs. Kendra was now the head mistress of the local school and Ernest was an unnatural crossbreeder.



With his career back on track, Ernest started thinking of Timothy’s future again. Harry had a clear idea of what he wanted to do with his life, but Timothy although he was keen on going to university seemed directionless.


It got Ernest thinking about the business. When he died he wanted the business to be passed on to someone who would be able to run it. He had been considering selling the business, rather than leaving it to one of the boys who would be too inexperienced to make a profit from it. Now however he wondered. Maybe Timothy could be persuaded to take an interest. This in mind he called Timothy over after dinner and sat him down to talk to him.  ernest-talks-to-timothy.jpg 


Ernest looked hard at his oldest son, there was no doubt that Timothy resembled his father, it had often commented upon. Could there be the true Wintersmith blood flowing in those veins? Maybe Timothy would take to the business just as he had all those years ago.  There was only one way to find out. “Well my son, I have a proposition for you. Your brother seems pretty intent on his music whereas you seem to be finding it a bit harder to find your niche. I was wondering if you would like to work some shifts as a waiter at the tea shop. I want to pass the business on to someone who has some idea of how it runs and it seems your brother already has his life mapped out. What do you say?”


Timothy was momentarily taken aback.  Timothy was young and so far no one close to him had died. Thus the thought of what would happen to the business once his parents were gone had never crossed his mind. Timothy remembered the stories his Dad used to tell him about his grandfather and great grandfather. They had owned a mighty business empire, but his grandfather had lost it all. Ernest had sometimes talked of the tea shop as the beginning of the new Wintersmith empire, but that was a long time ago. Ernest had then got a job as a scientist and the business had taken a back seat. With all these thoughts in his mind he answered. “Are you really thinking of giving me the business?” “Yes” replied Ernest “that is if you can prove you could run it or I guess I will have to consider selling it.” “I would like to learn about it” said Timothy smiling at his father.


In Timothy’s mind’s eye he could see himself at the head of a large corporation, The Wintersmith empire rebuilt under his careful management. With this settled Ernest dropped by the Tea shop one afternoon. It was mostly quiet in the afternoons before the rush in the evening. He beckoned Anthony to one side and chose a table in the corner to talk over this proposal with him


Ernest looked over at the manager of his restaurant. Ernest liked Anthony, he was a better chef than Nicholas who was the chef before him and he also knew how to run a restaurant. Since Anthony took over Ernest had hardly needed to come in. It had been clear early on that Anthony had things under control.  Anthony sat down looking expectantly at his employer as Ernest said “I wonder if you would do me a favour? Timothy wants to learn more about the business and I wondered if he could come in and do a few shifts after school?” Anthony looked slightly surprised but replied “Of course, it is your restaurant.” “I will of course want to know if he isn’t pulling his weight, I do mean that Anthony” he said looking straight into his eyes.


A small smile appeared on Anthony’s face and he replied “You can depend on it, I have a very well run team, I will let you know if he doesn’t pull his weight.” Ernest put out his hand and they shook on it. As Anthony got up Ernest said “I thought perhaps you and Monica could come round for dinner one evening?” Anthony agreed very happily to this, a night out would please Monica and she would feel more involved in his work life.  “That is a very kind offer and in response, I would like to make you the new dish I have been serving” and not taking no for an answer he went to prepare it.


Ernest sat pondering whilst waiters fussed around him. He would go home and arrange an evening with Kendra and everyone could meet. This was a great opportunity for Timothy, to be working with someone like Anthony and Ernest felt that he could trust him to make the most of it.