Kendra awoke on the first day of their holiday and looked around. The cabin was small but cosy. She snuggled close to Ernest for a while enjoying his warmth before deciding that she didnt want to sleep anymore and not wanting to wake him she dragged herself out of bed and had a shower. Clean and awake and with Ernest still fast asleep she opened the door and ventured outside. The air outside was fresh and she took a deep breath in, savouring it.





She was finally away from everything and the place was so relaxing and informal, well that is if you didn’t count the guy on the desk. What was that outfit anyway? You would think he was in a top hotel not looking after a few cabins in the mountains. Kendra smiled at the recollection.







It was good to smile again, lately she had felt like she was wearing a permanent frown. Now she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She knew things should be less busy when she got back and yet even so the job hadn’t been as enjoyable lately. She felt bored with it, doing the same thing week in and week out. What she really wanted was a new challenge. But was she too old for a change? Maybe that should be something she looked into when she returned. For now she just wanted to soak up the sun. She took her book and laid down on one of the hammocks dotted around. With the sun full on her she felt warm enough to read for a while outside.




The boys were enjoying sharing a room. They got well together mostly, apart from the occasional winding each other up that siblings like to do. At home Harry didn’t see that much of Timothy, as Anne was often around. Harry had always looked up to his older brother. Now with no one else to talk to Timothy had a chance to get to know Harry and the brothers were really starting to bond.






The first day of their holiday, the Wintersmiths decided to spend in the fresh mountain air. One of the local customs was log rolling, which involved trying to stay up right on a rolling log in which was floating on water.  The air was slightly chilly but it didn’t stop either Timothy or Harry donning their swimming trunks and trying to balance on floating logs. Kendra stood to one side taking pictures and Harry was especially pleased she managed to get the one of him mid fall, which he felt made him look like he was sky diving.  Harry was determined to get a copy for his wall when he got home.





After the mornings adventures they stopped for lunch at an open café where they tried the local flapjacks the region was famed for. The afternoon involved a bird tour where unfortunately for the party they ran into a bear and escaped it only by losing their lunches , which interested the bear more than the people. When they got back to the cabins they were starving. Happily Kendra had bought some supplies on their first morning whilst they all slept and Ernest got grilling some hot dogs. They got to know a few of the other families staying in nearby cabins over dinner and their first day passed pleasantly.




On the second day after a morning tour round a local national park, they spent the afternoon relaxing at their cabin. The boys tried out the hot tub and chatted to the other holiday makers. Ernest went to read whilst lazing on the hammock, although Kendra saw how his book soon fell to the floor unregarded.






She found that she didn’t feel tired and instead she got chatting to Jed a local of Three lakes. He showed her his mountain call, which he said was the best way to let out stress and take in as much mountain air as possible.






Taking a deep breath he bellowed a loud noise and banged his chest with his fists. Kendra was a little taken aback, but Jed assured her that it might look strange but that it would do her good. Checking to see no one was nearby she tried it herself and was surprised to find it strangely satisfying.  

The last day of their holiday they decided to spend in chilling out. Three Lakes boasted hot springs to soothe every weary traveller.  Once they arrived at the place they found a few tourists buildings nearby and Kendra abandoned the idea in favour of a professional massage.






So whilst she had her worries massaged out of her by expert hands, the rest of the clan relaxed in the hot springs.





After lunch though they returned home to pack and make the drive home. Kendra arrived back feeling satisfied. The break had been short but it had done her so much good and now she could get back to her life, she had been thinking over a few thing whilst she was away and now as the time to put them into action.