Ernest had popped round one Saturday afternoon for a cup of tea with Vyn. Whilst the tea was brewing Vyn challenged Ernest to a game of chess, she knew how much he liked to keep his brain active. Over the game Vyn asked “How are things? I haven’t seen Kendra in a while.” Ernest replied with a deep sigh.



“You aren’t the only one; she has been so busy with school lately. There has been lots of marking to do as well as a school inspection which has had her really stressed. I feel like I have hardly seen her lately and when I have she is so stressed that if I say anything she bites my head off. The only time other than sleep I find her looking calm is when she is practicing Yoga.”




Vyn made her move and then sat in silent contemplation for a few minutes before replying. “Am I right in thinking that the half term is very soon?” Ernest nodded slowly his mind bent on making the next move. “Well” said Vyn continuing “How about you take her on holiday? It’s been ages since you went away together, I can keep an eye on the boys. Make sure they don’t burn down the house in your absence, that kinda thing” she ended with a smile.  Ernest having made his move looked up surprised and after a few moments thought, a smile slowly spread across his face too. “A holiday: it’s been such a long time since we went away together, it’s a lovely idea.” Vyn replied “It will give her something to look forward to, a light at the end of the tunnel.” 


When Ernest returned home he found Kendra in the study working away. Walking quietly in the room he said almost apologetically “Kendra, can I have a word with you for a minute please?” She turned round in her chair to look at him and said “It will really have to be only a minute; I have so much still to do today.” Ernest looked at the tired face of his wife and explained. “Vyn has given me a wonderful idea, how about we go away at half term? Just the two of us, get away from everything. I think you deserve it after how hard you have been working lately.” Whatever Kendra had expected Ernest to say it wasn’t this. For a minute she sat there, she felt an excitement she hadn’t felt for sometime now. Her life lately had been composed of eating, sleeping and working. The idea of time away from all the work seemed delightful.




She stood up and hugged her surprised husband and found that tears were rolling down her face. “I have been horrible lately haven’t I? I have been so stressed I’m sorry. Can we really go away? Can we afford it?” Ernest nodded, wiping her tears away, he was relieved she liked the idea.  

She thought for a minute imaging the holiday and then said “Can I make one request?” Ernest nodded. “I would like the boys to come too. It won’t be long till they are off to University and getting on with their own lives. It would be good to make the most of them whilst they are here.” “Okay” Ernest replied “What ever makes you happy.” Kendra came up to Ernest ran her hand over his cheek, whilst looking into is eyes. They had been married over forty years now. Smiling at him she moved forward and kissed him softly.




“You have given me hope you know,  I have something to look forward to” Then turning back to her desk she said  “Now I must get back to it, sadly the papers won’t mark themselves.” 

Ernest planned the whole thing whilst Kendra worked away, but she asked him loads of questions each dinner time and seemed pleased with all that he had arranged. At half term they packed their belongings and bundled into the car.




There was a long drive, but Kendra didn’t mind. Whilst the boys in the back listened to their music on their mp3 players, she talked to Ernest and took in all the lovely scenery they drove past. They were to stay at a little cabin place, they had one room and the boys another. After she had unpacked Kendra cuddled up to Ernest who was sitting on the bed reading. As she cuddled up to him, she took the book out of his hand and dropped it on the floor. 




He started to protest, but then she leaned forward and kissed him. Ernest kissed back, grateful to have his wife back at last.