When Ernest looked in the mirror lately he was surprised to find how old he looked. It felt like time had finally caught up with him over night. Even his beloved wife Kendra was showing her age, although she still looked gorgeous to him.




Ernest’s first dog Fudge had died some years back now. It had been such a shock at the time. Ernest knew she was getting old but hadn’t wanted to admit to himself how frail she was looking. They had buried Fudge in the back garden. Timothy and Harry had insisted on a funeral service and Ernest at their request had made a tombstone.




Ernest had finally been promoted after much hard work on his part and was now a rogue botanist. It had taken a long time, but with the kids all grown up he had the time to study and pass the exams needed to move up the career ladder. He was hoping it wouldn’t end there and that he would get promoted again before his retirement came.



Kendra had made the decision to stay at Larkin’s. She had considered going back to being a Legal secretary, but she loved her job there. She had been studying as well and was now a teacher. Sometimes when she was standing in front of her class giving her lessons she would suddenly realise that she was their teacher. It was a funny sensation. She would never have thought her life would lead her this way. Yet she was happy in what she was doing.




The boys had grown into young men and they kept up their friendships with the Baity household. Anne; Vyn’s daughter and Timothy; Ernest’s oldest son, were still best friends and spent a lot of their weekends hanging out together.




Anne liked to hang out with boys; she was going through a phase where she hated wearing dresses or anything girly. Both sets of parents watched the friendship with interest, but as yet they seemed just good friends.  Matthew Baity often came over and hung out with Harry, when Anne came round.




Timothy was doing very well at school and had secured some scholarships for University, to which he seemed intent on going. If only Timothy could decide on what he wanted to study, but he seemed to change his mind from one week to the next. Harry in contrast knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Music was his passion and after finally convincing his parents to get him a guitar her spent every spare minute on it.


Ernest and Kendra were glad their boys were keen on going to University and It got Ernest thinking back to his own University days, they were so long ago. He had arrived at University after his father’s death; alone and almost broke.



 (Ernest’s memory)


Ernest found himself one Sunday afternoon sitting in his armchair thinking over his life.




On the whole he was pleased with how it turned out. He quickly moved past the history at University that involved Vyn. That had been a stupid mistake on his part, not to see how she felt about him. Yet she had got over it and married Shane. Here Ernest stopped and sighed. Poor Shane. What a shock that had been, run over in his lunch break. Poor Vyn to lose him like that. Yet she had held herself together for the kids and in his opinion brought them up to be fine teens. Especially Anne he thought, who he would be more than happy to have as a daughter in law. He smiled to himself, that was getting ahead of things though, it never did to force things. Well he would keep it as a happy thought and wait to see what happened. Life was good for the Wintersmith’s.