Ernest had realised that he and his wife hadn’t had an evening out without the children in a long time. It was high time for this to be rectified he thought and the end of Kendra’s first week would be the perfect time to take her out. He made all the arrangements and waited for her to come home, with an excitement building inside him. It had been fun arranging it all behind her back and now was the day he got to see her face when he told her.  

Ernest arranged that Vyn, Anne and Matthew would come over and stay the night, that way they could be out as late as they wanted.




He had booked a table at a new restaurant in town and after that he thought they might go dancing at a club nearby. They hadn’t been out dancing in such a long time, it made him think back to when he met Kendra. It had been a friend’s party. She had been dancing with her friends and she had looked so pretty. It was such a long time ago now, the time had gone very quickly but they had been very blessed.  They had a lovely house and two healthy children. He sat in the dining room with a vase full of flowers, smiling to himself and imagining the scene of her happiness when she came in and found him there. ernest-and-the-flowers.jpg  

When he heard the sound of the key in the lock he had to contain himself and stay seated. He wanted her to find him here with the flowers. It felt like an eternity but the door to the dining room opened and there stood a sopping wet, angry looking Kendra carrying full shopping bags.

He hastened to help her with them and she gratefully let him go and put them down. It was then that she saw the flowers and a look of surprise and confusion passed across her face “Who are they from?” she asked Ernest. Ernest looked slightly embarrassed it wasn’t turning out quite as he had imagined and he replied “They are from me, I thought I would surprise you. I wanted to take you out to dinner tonight, I have booked us a table at the new restaurant.” A slow smile now spread across Kendra face and she turned to Ernest, her face framed by her wet hair now full of delight and her anger forgotten for the moment. She said “Let me have a quick shower and I will get ready” and placing a kiss on his lips she dashed upstairs whilst Ernest unpacked all the shopping.  

Once he was done he went upstairs to see how long she would be as the taxi he had booked would be here soon. He found her washing her hands and she had her pretty blue dress on and looked perfectly dry. He smiled, maybe the evening would go well after all.



Whilst they waited for the taxi Kendra explained what had happened when she was shopping to bring her home in such a state: “You know near the pavement outside the supermarket where the water collects into a big puddle?” Ernest nodded and Kendra continued “Well I usually give it wide berth but I wasn’t thinking when I came out of the supermarket. I was standing nearby and I had put the shopping down on the pavement so I could put my purse back in my handbag. At that moment a car sped past and sprayed water all over me. He soaked me to the skin, I shouted after the driver but I doubt he heard me. I was livid as you can imagine and I had to put some plastic bags on the seat as I drove home so the car wouldn’t be soaking too.”  

A deep sigh escaped her, she then smiled and said “Well at least I am warm and dry now and we are going out for dinner. Oh Ernest we haven’t been out in such a long time it will be so much fun. It is very sweet of you to plan this” Ernest smiled back at her.


The donned their warm coats before leaving the house as it was very chilly, the drive didn’t take too long and they were soon walking towards to the restaurant where they were greeted and shown to their seats.


Having sat down Kendra undid her coat. Realising just how cold the restaurant was she hastily did it back up. When the waitress came over Kendra inquired “Would it be possible to turn the heating in here up, I am finding it rather cold.” Monique the waitress replied “I am so sorry, the heating has broken today, the engineer will be coming to fix it tomorrow, we have small electric heaters set up but this is the best we can do.” She then added in a hopeful voice “We are providing a free bottle of wine with every meal” Kendra was still slightly cold and had been looking forward to a warm restaurant with good food. However Ernest looked so anxious from across the table and she knew he had planned this evening to bless her, she didn’t want to spoil it so she said “Wine sounds lovely and I think we are ready to order now.”



Having ordered they chatted away waiting for the food to arrive. Monique brought Ernest’s out first and as she placed it before Ernest, her foot slipped and Ernest ended up wearing his dinner.




Kendra couldn’t help but laugh, although she did it behind her hand as Ernest tried to clean himself off, with Monique apologising profusely.  Once he had done he looked at Kendra and said “I have had enough. How about you, shall we go home?”  

Back home Kendra ran a bath and warmed herself up whilst Ernest checked in with Vyn to make sure the children had been good. He came and sat by the bath when he was done and apologised to Kendra who looked amused at him and said “What are you apologising for, did you splash me with water, break the restaurants heating or trip Monique up? These things just happen Ernest.” Ernest still looked disappointed and replied “I really wanted to celebrate your first week and it’s all gone wrong.” Kendra smiled “Oh Ernest it’s the thought that counts, life isn’t like in the films where things are perfect, but this night will certainly be remembered that’s for sure. We can go out another night; I really do appreciate all the effort you went to.”  

Ernest left Kendra to warm up in the bath as he rustled up some dinner.




They sat watching a DVD on the sofa whilst they ate and then cuddled close together. Before the film had finished Kendra had fallen asleep on Ernest’s lap. He sat there stroking her hair and thinking how badly the evening had gone and yet he was still married to Kendra and she was right; there would be other evenings. He looked down at his beautiful wife looking so peaceful, curled up on him. He almost didn’t want to move her but it was getting chilly.  Finally he woke her up and they made their way to bed, Ernest resolving not to give up but to take her out again soon.